How To Disassemble Office Chair

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How To Disassemble Office Chair

By Eric Wilsion
April 11, 2022

There may come a moment when you need to relocate all of your workplace furniture. Fitting a big, heavy chair into a truck or trailer may be challenging, much more so if the chair does not fit. If you are attempting to dismantle an office chair in order to return it to the manufacturer or vendor, you may be unsure where to begin. Whatever reason you have for dismantling your office chair, there are a few things to consider, some tips and techniques, and many methods for disassembling your chair to make it more compact for transportation.


Why Do You Need A Removable Office Chair?

The majority of these chairs that can be built or dismantled are often the ideal choice, particularly for your office. This is because they include all of the components essential for a chair to provide you with the appropriate support as you sit. This comprises spine curvature alignment, lumbar and lower back support, neck support, and armrests.

Most significantly, it decreases your chance of developing musculoskeletal discomfort caused by extended sitting, particularly with bad posture. Additionally, this is the best office chair for tailbone discomfort, which is prevalent among office workers and may occur as a result of improper office chair use. Without a supportive seat made of the proper foam and substance, an office chair will irritate your glutes and may result in tailbone discomfort.

Additionally, it benefits you to be able to disassemble the chair anytime you need to relocate or oil the components or even replace them. A broken leg or wheel does not always imply that the chair must be discarded entirely if it can be repaired or reused.

In recent years, ergonomics has been suggested for office employees for a variety of reasons, owing to its many benefits. Additionally, to everything said before, it helps you save money since it lasts a long time and lowers your health risks, which results in less hospital visits and increases your productivity at work.


Consider the Following When Disassembling an Office Chair

Consider how the chair arrived.

Before you begin dismantling your office chair, it may assist to remember how it came. Numerous seats are available in modular configurations. This implies that you can probably dismantle the chair in reverse order. Certain chairs include a cylinder into the base. After that, the chair may be fitted to the cylinder. To dismantle the chair, you will very certainly need to remove it from the cylinder. You will need to decide which components of your chair you can and cannot remove if it came built. Certain chairs provide instructions for disassembly.


How Things Connect to and Disconnect from One Another

You should be able to view all of the components of your office chair and determine if they can be removed. You should be able to remove any screws-attached components. A backrest, a headrest, or an armrest are examples of these components.


It may be more difficult to remove components that are not screwed to the system. It may be difficult to remove a cylinder from a mechanism, much more so if it has been in operation for a long period of time. It is possible to detach the cylinder from its tension, although it is only connected by tension. Certain office chairs, such as the Herman Miller Aeron and others, should not be removed from the cylinder.


Things You Should Not or Are Not Able to Remove

Certain components of your office chair should not be removable due to the risk of causing harm. Steelcase For example, leap chairs cannot be detached from the back or arms. They are included within the frame. We strongly advise against removing the mechanism from your chair. This may result in the machine malfunctioning.


How To Take Apart An Office Chair

It will be very difficult to complete the task, all the more so when your chair begins to move at the least provocation. The most effective method to restrict the movement of your chair is to remove the wheels from the wheelbase.


  • To get access to the wheels, tilt your office chair to the side or upside down.
  • With one hand, grip the chair's leg and the caster with the other.
  • Remove the caster. If it remains immobile, pull out the caster with the pry bar.
  • Position the pry bar's nail-pulling end between the caster and the chair leg. Pull the caster wheel out by pushing the pry bar handle downward.
  • Carry doing this process for each wheel until your chair becomes immobile. Remove the star base after all of the wheels have been removed.


How Do You Remove The Office Chair's Star Base?

Step 1: 

While the chair is inverted, have another person secure the five-star base while you place the piece of wood just over the gas lift.


Step 2: 

Grasp your hammer and strike the wood with the side to avoid damaging the gas lift. Avoid directly hitting any component of the gas lift.


Step 3: 

Continue pounding the wood as it is being lifted by the gas lift. Eventually, the pressure inside the five-star base will be released, and the bottom will disintegrate.


Take Apart The Armrests

Following that, take the armrests out of their present place. What you are doing here is removing the secondary structure, which will remove any impediments.

It is critical to first determine if your armrests are detachable. Numerous office chair seats include armrests within their construction. If yours is one of them, you should inspect the manner in which it is connected to the seat construction.

How To Disassemble Office Chair Gas Cylinder

Step One:

With blankets or waste cardboard, protect the surface of your table and the floor where the cylinder will land.


Step Two:

Tighten your pipe wrench as near to the mechanism as feasible to your cylinder. Once the pipe wrench is tightened to the cylinder, spin it a quarter turn until it comes free.

Step Three:

The simple thing is to replace your cylinder. Arrange the base vertically on the floor. Replace the cylinder with the new one in the base. Simply take up your chair and position it over the mechanism's hole. Once the chair is secured to the cylinder, sit in it to secure it. That is all!

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