How to Align Your Spine? 4 Useful Tips to Do It Naturally


How to Align Your Spine? 4 Useful Tips to Do It Naturally

By Odinlake Official
August 30, 2022

Not many people know this but your posture plays a huge role in making your personality vibrant and confident. On top of this, a good posture is a sign of good health and many people tend to neglect whether their posture is good or bad. According to research, posture plays an important role in defining productivity at work. Many people lack a good posture which then results in serious medical conditions and less productivity at work.

But what shapes a posture? Well, your Spine is the main acting element that makes your posture good or bad. A non align spine will always turn a curve causing bad posture and an aligned one will help you in having a good performance while you work on your desktop.

This article will be mentioning all about an aligned spine and how you can get your spine to align with natural ways by following some tips and tricks until you see visible results.

Useful Tips to Self-Align Spine Naturally

These tips are natural and are scientifically proven effective in positioning the spine in a good shape. You can add these to your daily routine. If you find them difficult to add to your daily life try consulting a physiotherapist for a better checkup or advice.

1. By Improving Your Sleeping Posture

An average person spends about 8 hours a day on their bed sleeping or relaxing after the hectic work at the office. However, you can make these hours beneficial for your body and mind by sleeping in a position that will help you achieve a better posture.

One of the most effective ways to do so is to place a pillow flat which will be in the middle of your legs to have a well-aligned spine. When you will lay in this position, you will align your spine straight while laying on one side of the bed.

You can try this on both of the sleeping ways such as while sleeping on the sides or while sleeping on the back. Both ways are equally effective. However, the sleeping style in which a person sleeps on their stomach is harmful and will not reap any benefits if they develop such a habit. It is both harmful to your stomach and your gut health.

Try to have a supporting pillow underneath your head to help you have better support for both your neck and shoulders. Moving on to the mattress, always opt for a firm mattress, including one with latex or memory foam, and avoid using a standard foam mattress. Before you get one for yourself try to check the foam’s quality and always select the one with the best support for your overall body.

2. Take Good Care of Your Lower Back

Your lower back needs the most support when you are working on your desktop or while you are driving your car. People who mostly travel, spend most of their time moving from one place to another daily, This causes their lower back the most damage and their spine can develop multiple medical issues.

You need to sit in a way in which your back is aligned with the seat’s back as when you sit in the middle, the middle of the seat provides less support. Try not to recline your vehicle seat too far, as it might stress your spine. T should be fixed at 5 degrees for the better posture of your lower back.

Moving on to the seat’s height, you should remember to align your knees and hips as it will help you to have a comfortable position while sitting and will let you realign your back. You can also move your seat to ensure you are having adequate pressure on the foot pedals while bending your knees. You can also go for a cushion to give you enough while driving.

When it comes to the headrest, your head must be in a leveling position with the top of the headrest. Experts claim it to be the perfect position for having support for both shoulders and head.

3. Add Low Impact Exercises to Your Routine

Adding exercise to your daily routine can solve many health issues especially related to posture. In this case, you can always choose walking as it helps align your spine naturally. It is one of the best low-impact exercises. To start your exercise journey, try to imagine your walking schedule as a place where you are tied to a string that is attached to the top portion of your head.

 Now imagine it is pulling you up from your lower back or your hips, this will help you stand with an erect posture. You also need to focus on keeping your chin parallel to the ground while you are walking in a direction. While you are walking and practicing this specific exercise, try to avoid looking at your phone and do not use it for extended hours.

Furthermore, take into consideration of strides as longer strides are painful specifically for the spine. To avoid any difficulty or pain, try to perform normal strides while you are practicing your walking exercise.

4. Maintain a Posture while Sitting at Your Desktop

Many people tend to think that sitting in a comfortable position gives relaxing sensations to the body, however, one must be careful enough to, maintain their posture while they are sitting.  For people to attain spine alignment, this is the easiest thing to do without losing any calories or doing a hectic workout.

if you are looking to achieve spine alignment, it is best to practice active sitting, this means you need to get off of your desktop from time to time and stretch to attain productivity and spine alignment. Try to walk after sitting for 45 minutes and take almost 5 to 10 minutes of break. Along with this, you can get a  proper spine-aligning ergonomic chair to help you achieve a good posture while you sit. These chairs can help you adjust the height as per your preference. Look for a chair that has multiple adjustment features.


The above-mentioned tips for spine alignment are tried and tested. Acclaimed by experts these tips will help you achieve a better overall spine with simple and easy steps at home. They are easy to perform without any limitations or restrictions. However, it is to be remembered that all these tips will not magically improve everything, the process will take time and you might see results gradually and slowly. But these tips are the only thing you can add to your routine to achieve spine alignment during work hours, there are plenty of other options to have a better posture and spine alignment.

You can also consult experts or physiotherapists for better and certified advice for you to follow and reshape your spine naturally at home. Try to eat healthily, complete the 8-hour sleep schedule and try to stretch as much as you can as it helps in removing stress from your muscles. It is always considered that physical results will take time and you will have to be patient throughout the whole process to have a perfectly aligned spine.  


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