How to Increase Your Work Productivity


How to Increase Your Work Productivity

By Odinlake Official
August 03, 2022

How to Increase Your Work Productivity

Working is an essential part of our lives, our survival and our growth depend on our work, and in this way humans create something better for the society and their surroundings as well. But some of us lack productivity at our workplace we sometimes feel tired, anxious, and stressed which directly or indirectly affects our will to do a job or get tasks done.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the key factors that you can adopt to boost productivity at the workplace without getting tangled with distractions and stressors. This guide will help you apply tips effectively to your daily routine so that you can grow professionally without losing your creativity and motivation to excel.

Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Before we head to our tips and tricks for boosting or increasing productivity at the workplace, keep in mind that the result depends on your consistency to accept and apply these ways in your daily life. The results can vary from person to person based on their daily routine, motivation level, and willpower to do something extraordinary for their professional career.

Here are some effective ways to increase productivity at work,

1. Track Your Time

Research suggests that around 17% percent of people can estimate the passage of time accurately, this means that some people tend to utilize their time most accurately. This means that there are a lot of people who lack the understanding of utilizing and estimating time in a manner that can be beneficial for them.

If you are an employee and you want to increase your productivity try to track your time on each of the tasks that you have completed or want to complete throughout the day. This thing will enhance your speed and your efficiency in completing your daily tasks at the office. It will also help you identify the most important to the least important tasks that you will then be able to divide and complete without breaking your focus and productivity level.

2. Take required Breaks

It might sound unbelievable but planned breaks can help in increasing productivity for many people. Scheduled breaks can help in improving your concentration and performance at work. A study shows that employees who take scheduled breaks are more efficient in performing throughout the year than those who do not.

If you work without any fun breaks you might lose your concentration after a while and end up hating your job within just 6 months. In most countries, employees are encouraged to take regularly scheduled breaks to get them to have some relaxing time and increase their productivity.

3. Set Clear Deadlines

Sometimes self-imposed stress can motivate you to get a task done most surprisingly. Set deadlines for yourself that you decide before a task, in this way you will be able to work fast, meet the task requirements before time, and will be able to have enough time to go through the whole progress and improve things.

If you are an employee and you are dealing with a project, it is better to set clear self-imposed deadlines to track progress and concertation on your work. You can set short-timers, planners, and to-do lists to start your tracking and deadline phase.

4. Stop Multitasking

You might have heard that multitasking can save a lot of time from your daily routine however, Psychologists have a different opinion on the practice of multitasking or applying this technique during office hours.

Psychologist believes that multitasking promotes less productivity and more stress at work. This is due to the dragging effect that comes with multitasking that employees always feel at the top of their feet to complete a task. One needs to set priorities rather than multitasking as it will help you identify which tasks need the most of your focus and which require less focus.

5. Do Not Seek Perfection

It is fairly common in the cooperate sector, to prefer perfection over productivity. Many employees seek perfection and waste their days and months over a single task to have it done most extraordinarily but the reality is that perfection is oddly difficult to attain over simple and not-so-important tasks.

Instead, employees should add progression to their daily routine in which they would like to attain productivity over perfection, and in this way, they will be able to complete a lot of pending tasks in a better and more efficient way.

6. Apply the "Two-Minute Rule"

This is a famous one from a well-known entrepreneur Steve Olenski who recommends his famous 2-minute rule in which he emphasizes doing any task that takes up to 2 minutes of your time. in this manner, you will have fewer distractions and mini-tasks and you will have more time to focus on the more bigger and important ones.  

This rule is effective and has been applied in multiple offices by a wide number of people and they saw actual real results. You can start by planning your day and creating a to-do list and then setting up all those tasks that take less than 2 minutes of your time. Then start completing those tasks so that you have less clutter to finish at the end of the day.

7. Put Your Phone Away

We live in a world in which we have our phones as our biggest distractions and they can be harmful to our productivity in the office. To increase your productivity levels, you must put away your phones with the do not disturb feature on. This will help you focus more and spend less time on your phone playing candy crush or scrolling on Instagram.

Many employees waste their day by not completing enough office tasks because of their phones and with the increasing number of social media platforms it is inevitable for us all not to get distracted. However, there is always room for improvement and progress.

8. Encourage Standing Meetings

Standing meetings are in trend these days, due to the recent boom in startups and globalization. In a standing meeting, all the members or employees are encouraged to stand throughout the meeting to have more attentiveness and focus.

According to a survey, many employees find it more effective in charging them up for the day and helps in boosting creativity and performance. Try to adopt the same stand meeting practices in your office area to encourage productivity.

Bottom Line

Attaining productivity can take time and consistency and many people fail to get their practices on a continuous level. Try to apply these tips and tricks daily to see your progression throughout the month and identify possible loopholes. As an employee, you must see this with a positive mindset rather than taking it as a chore that you have to complete for you to survive, remember mindset is everything and your mind can make or break things for you.

When it comes to productivity try to be attentive to new ways to boost it and improve your loopholes and stress points. Stay away from office drama and gossip to apply something meaningful and purposeful to your routine. Try to be acceptable rather than discouraging and try to accelerate without setting a self-imposed limitation on yourself.


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