OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743

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Height Adjustable Backrest
Dynamic Lumbar Support
Support up to 350 LBS
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OdinLake Ergo MAX 747

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OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

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How to Choose A Chair

Features you should look out for
Height & Depth of the Seat

When seat height is properly adjusted, thighs should be parallel to the ground with knees bent and feet flat on the floor or footrest. You should be in full contact with the chair’s backrest and there should be adequate space (width of 2-4 fingers) between the back of the knees and front edge of the seat.

Consider Your Height & Body Size

After knowing how to adjust a proper height and depth of the seat, you should take your height and body size into consideration. Your calves and your hips may decide the desired height, width and depth of the seat.

The Best Desired Support

To consider the chair's adjustability. Moving helps reduce pressure on the spine, sends oxygen to your muscles, and increases blood flow to your brain.

Materials of the Seat & Backrest

Mesh is known for its superior breathability, helping to keep folks cool during use even throughout the most humid and hottest of days.

How to Match Your Desk

To consider both the adjustable height range of the chair and the desk. The ideal posture should look like: Your feet should firmly touch the floor, your forearms should be at the same height and parallel to your desk, and your elbows should assume a 90 – 110 degrees open-angle.

Compare OdinLake Chairs

Features you should look out for
OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743

OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743

Regular price $799.00
Regular price 0 % OFF $799.00 Sale price $799.00
An ergonomic chair worth investing in. Full Adjustments & Full Support . Elastic & Breathable Premium Mesh. Wire Control Mechanism. Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  • 18.5” - 22.5”
  • 18.5”L x 20.5”W
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    OdinLake Ergo PRO 633

    OdinLake Ergo PRO 633

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    Get exhausted while working? Pro 633 will recharge your energy the professional way.
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    OdinLake Ergo ART 643

    OdinLake Ergo ART 643

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  • 17” - 20”
  • 18.5”L x 18”W
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    OdinLake Ergo CORE 625

    OdinLake Ergo CORE 625

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    Super soft cushioning to keep you relaxed and make you productive for more.
  • 16” - 19”
  • 17.4”L x 17.5”W
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    What is Ergonomic chair?

    The ergonomic chair design is generous, one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and lightweight. It is a new eco-friendly health chair widely used in modern homes, outdoor spaces, meeting rooms, and workplaces. The aim of optimum comfort is achieved by using the best curve of the human body and medical factors. Therefore, it emphasizes product quality and customer experience, but it also prioritizes human development in the long run.

     For cushions and chair backs, ergonomics mainly utilizes mesh (composition: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), environmentally friendly fabric + high-quality memory cotton, and other elastic and environmentally friendly materials. The process design is particularly suited to modern furniture. During use, it has excellent airflow, and heat dissipation characteristics are pleasant and health-care-friendly. They can prevent the growth of bacteria inside the chair. Additionally, it can decrease the area of pressure on the buttocks, improve blood circulation in the buttocks, prevent strain on the neck, shoulders, and waist, and help to preserve the user's overall health and well-being.

    What is ergonomic design factors to consider

    1. Head: The headrest's height and rotation can be changed, enabling the user's cervical spine to fit with the headrest naturally and standardizing the sitting position. When the height of the headrest completely supports your cervical spine, you are in the ideal position.

    2. Chair back: The third and fourth spines provide the most excellent support for the waist. In addition, the height of the whole chair back can be adjusted, allowing different users to rapidly suit their requirements and reducing the amount of weight carried by the lumbar spine.

    3. Lumbar support: The resilience is focused on the adjustable lumbar support, providing the user with the closest support. The active lumbar support adjusts the curvature of the whole waist, fits pleasantly around the waist, relaxes the back vertebrae, and relieves back vertebrae fatigue.

    4. Armrest: The armrest height and angle can both be changed independently.

    5. Other aspects: arc design, arch frame strength and elastic treatment, arc streamline treatment of armrests.

    How to get the correct sitting psture for an ergonomic chair?

    1. The proper seat cushion height should be set so that your feet may rest level on the ground and your thighs are bent at a 90-degree angle when you sit.

    2. The proper seat cushion level should be such that your hips are resting on the innermost part of the seat cushion and that you can customize the seat cushion depth. The seat cushion can effectively support more than two-thirds of the thigh's surface area, and that the bending angle between the thigh and the calf is 90°.

     3. the proper height of the armrest must be set so that it is 90 degrees between the arm and the elbow when used. At this point, the arm hangs down naturally and feels right, with no hanging shoulders to distract from the movement. Shoulder discomfort or frozen shoulder may result from the arm being left unsupported or with insufficient funding for a long period. This can have a significant adverse impact on health.

     4. When used properly, the back cushion should fully connect the whole back to the cushion, enabling the back vertebrae to be relaxed to a certain degree, thus relieving back vertebrae fatigue and avoiding chest and back pain.

     5. The proper waist height must be set to the position of the third, fourth, and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Except for the legs and hips, the whole weight of the human body is carried by the lumbar vertebrae in a sitting posture. As a result, adjusting the waist height correctly can help avoid conditions such as tendon or fasciitis, herniated discs, spine slippage, lumbar muscle strain, degenerative spondylitis, and sciatica.

     6. When using the seat cushion depth adjustability, it is essential to depend on hip strength to slide the seat cushion out. At this point, the hips must transfer force to the back through a fixed back cushion. The back will be damaged if the back cushion is not secured in position. As a result of the hips' reduced ability to exert force, the seat cushion does not slide as easily as it formerly did.

     7. Armrest pads should be angled correctly to offer modest support for your hand and elbow joints at all times and in different positions. Wrist tunnel syndrome and elbow joint syndrome are readily caused by a lack of right hand or elbow joint support over time. Naturally, the cervical spine is involved. The connection between protection and specificity is also present.

     8. For proper cervical spine support, the headrest should be adjusted to fit in between the third and seventh sections of the cervical spine. This will relieve head fatigue and help avoid bone spurs or chronic spine deterioration.

     9. It's important to know your body weight once you've relaxed your back so you can adjust the cushion's elasticity correctly. In cases when the elasticity exceeds the weight of the back, it will be challenging to recline comfortably. On the other hand, suppose the flexibility is less than the weight of the back. In that case, a sense of inadequacy will be created, or the fast backward will cause uneasiness.

    Design points of the Odinlake ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic furniture is becoming more popular. We can conclude from our study on the best ergonomic chairs on the market that a good ergonomic chair is worth data and other aspects.

    The curve design of the chair Curve design is studied from the aspect of people's health, and the chair's form curve design is established based on the person's physiological state, fatigue measurement, and other factors. The chair's curve is mostly determined by whether the chair cushion and backrest curves fit the human physiological curve. Odinlake's back curve is completely ergonomic, allowing the waist muscles to rest and maintain excellent position.

    Chair size design The human body scale and measurement data are intimately linked to the size of furniture and the spatial connection created by its placement. To understand the concepts of human body scale design, we must first understand national standard data and be adept at incorporating anthropometric data into designs in a flexible manner. We also must learn to adapt to changing situations. Suppose you don't know how to utilize the data wisely and grasp the nature of ergonomic data. In that case, you'll end up with counterproductive results if you use it mechanically.

    The detailed design of the chairFamous designers put a premium on the finer details of their work. The same is true for chairs. This is known as the "millimeter effect." According to odinlake, a few millimeters of variation will provide a wide range of relaxation to the chair, from the chair's connecting parts to the chair body. The edges and corners must be carefully polished. As a result, attention to detail is crucial to the success or failure of ergonomic furniture.

    The aesthetic design of the chair To accomplish the psychological relaxation of people's ergonomics, the practical and formal beauty of the chair must be integrated, focusing on the various psychological feelings brought about by the environment's differences. Our designers think that the human curve is the most attractive and that the form of the chair, which is based on that curve, is likewise a product of nature's beauty.

    In general, a good ergonomic chair design must pay close attention to the form design of the chair to adapt to the features of the item, in addition to the suitable size: adapting to the scale's features; adapting to functional characteristics; adapting to changing characteristics To adapt to the material's qualities; to concentrate on the combination of form and color; to have a feeling of the times, to meet the demands of the workplace; to examine the human peculiarities of various nations; to concentrate on technology and sustainable development.