We’re looking for great people to join our team and help us build the best way to make your office ergonomic.

Our story

King.J Chao, Odinlake’s founder, is a freelancer who has an engineering background. He has been working from home all the time and needs simple-designed but ergonomic workspace in his life. So he contacted a college friend who is running a furniture factory. They did a lot of research and finally decided to start it with Ergonomic chairs. They praise highly optimal sitting posture to relieve or avoid back pain from prolonged sitting. They invited the German designer Justus Kolberg to carry out a new design of the product's appearance, creating the current ergonomic chair. After all these, what’s the brand name became a question. One thought came into King.J’d mind, “Odinlake” would be perfect. Combined with the engineering background and factory price, they do believe that Odinlake will provide the most ergonomically-designed and affordable Ergo furniture to people. Now there are only 3 models of chairs online, and a fancy-built electric desk will be coming online soon. Let’s expect it!

Guiding principles

We don’t just want great resumes — we want great people.
<h5>Customer obsession</h5>

Customer obsession

Our customers always deserve your best.

<h5>Do it differently</h5>

Do it differently

Always keep thingking & being curious.

<h5>Ownership mindset</h5>

Ownership mindset

You own your work and try your best.

<h5>Win together</h5>

Win together

A better you, a better team, a better company.

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