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OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

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OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

Expected to ship on October 30.

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7-year warranty, Ergo BUTTERFLY 753 is an ergonomic chair worth investing in

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Ergo BUTTERFLY 753 is the Best Ergonomic Chair Under $5000

  • Premium Material

    Manufactured with a durable aluminum body frame for sustained longevity and consistent performance.

  • Butterfly-Shaped Backrest

    The cool, butterfly-shaped backrest is a key feature, combining form and function to provide unique aesthetic appeal and comfort.

  • Innovative Adjustment Control

    Implements a unique adjustment control method similar to bicycle brake lines, eliminating the need for adjustment levers and offering a convenient, labor-saving mechanism.

  • Armrest Integrated Controls

    For the OdinLake 753, the adjustment handle merges with the chair's armrest, enabling easy control for backrest tilt and seat lift adjustments.

  • Independent Lumbar Support

    Designed to support the waist at any angle, this chair eases the strain on the waist during prolonged periods of sitting. Moreover, the lumbar support is dynamic and doesn't oppress the waist.

  • Fully Adjustable

    This chair offers comprehensive adjustability, encompassing backrest height, seat position, 3D armrest adjustment, backrest tilt, seat height, 2D headrest adjustment, and more.

  • Height Adjustable Backrest
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support
  • 4D Adjustbale Armrests
  • 135° Recline Angle
  • 2D Adjustable Headrest
  • Depth Adjustable Seat
  • Reviews