Standing VS Sitting: Which is Better in the Office?

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Standing VS Sitting: Which is Better in the Office?

By Odinlake Official
August 16, 2022

Standing VS Sitting: Which is Better in the Office?

There has been a lot of debate going on related to the topic of whether sitting is a better option for office hours or standing. Many health professionals have picked and sided with what they preferred, leaving the general audience in confusion.

In this article, we will be discussing each option with its advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the best one for your office hours. However, every one of us has different preferences so it can vary from person to person as to which option they prefer the most.

Sitting VS Standing for Office

In this portion, we will list each option with its pros and cons and before you pick any of these, try to do thorough research. Secondly, it is important to know about your health and weaknesses before you start applying a certain method to your working routine.

Sitting At Office

Just like the title indicates, this type of method includes sitting for long periods at the office while working on your daily 9 to 5 tasks. Sitting on your desk to perform your work-related tasks seems effortless and has zero muscle tension.

All you have to do is to sit on your office chair and do all the chores from that desk of yours. It can be seen that around 78% percent of people prefer and sit on their office chairs for around 9 to 13 hours regularly.

On the other hand, if we look at the dark side of this practice, it seems like the sitting habit is more like an iceberg of dangers and health risks. A study even considered the sitting method at the workplace to be equal to smoking 2 packets of cigarettes daily.

Advantages of Sitting at WorkPlace

Here are some of the advantages that anyone can have if they sit for a longer period at their workplace,

  • Less Muscle Tension

This might sound very common but sitting can save you from muscle tension. If you will spend your time on the chair tying or multitasking you will not have tired or tense muscles at the end of the day. Instead, mild stretching will work for you to get you all charged up.

But this is not the case for everyone, as most people have manual jobs where they have to have some muscle-related tasks and that can cause severe pains if they are taken lightly.

  • Less Tiredness

If you will remain at your desk throughout the day your legs will be spared from the unwanted rest and rounds of several offices. You will be able to complete your tasks and deliver them without stressing or feeling tired and you will be able to enjoy productivity and creativity.

It is important to note that in case of emergency or excessive workload you will be able to see a tiny amount of tiredness however it won't cost you your peace and less productivity.

Disadvantages of Sitting at WorkPlace

Here are some of the most commonly experienced disadvantages of Sitting at the Workplace,

  • Causes Fatigue in the Back and Neck

This is the most common con among a lot of people that often complain about how sitting encouraged a bad posture and how they are dissatisfied with their posture. Excessive sitting things can cause your back to form an unwanted curve which can also create a hunch-looking feature for many people.

  • Causes a Steady Compression on Spinal Discs

If you will not sit straight for almost 5 to 6 hours regularly you will likely develop compression at your back disc which can result in severe cramps and pains and it will take a lot than just your physical health but your mental peace if your discs are compressed or if they feel like being pressured by internal injuries due to external sitting posture.

Standing At Office

Standing at the workplace is similar to standing normally with an addition to an adjustable table where you can place your laptop or tablet and work while you stand and enjoy your work. There are many debates that it is quite tiring for people to take part in the standing method due to their previous injuries or any other medical conditions.

Besides this, you will have to take care and take short breaks to enjoy sitting while you are not working to have some stretching and workout.  Try adding the standing method to your routine as it promotes agility and efficiency and develops attentiveness in employees.

Advantages of Standing at WorkPlace

Just like sitting at the workplace, standing at the workplace also have some advantages that excite a lot of people to opt for the standing method during office hours,

  • You will lose weight in a Healthy Way

Who doesn’t want to lose a few calories but most healthily and safely possible? Well, the standing method burns calories, and employees who regularly o their work while standing burn around 80 calories faster than sitting employees.

Start standing regularly if you want to lose extra pounds from your regular weight and see the magic of standing without using and attending any fitness-related sessions.

Better Posture

If you want to improve your posture you can start improving while you are standing at your desk doing your regular tasks. Health professionals argued that standing helps in attentiveness and better posture. So if you are someone who is struggling with regular posture issues try standing regularly.  

Disadvantages of Standing at WorkPlace

Just like any other thing, standing too has its cons which can affect people and their health in various ways,

  • Less Concentration

It Is important to understand that standing takes more strength than sitting which means that you will have less concentration span while you are standing as compared to sitting. Most employees complain that standing takes a lot of focus from tasks and usually the dedicated tasks take a longer time for completion due to tiredness from standing all day.

  • Soared Muscles

It is by now obvious that standing takes effort and you might have soared muscles at the end of the day. People who got legs or feet, injuries, and even any bone defect should quit standing for a long duration and prefer comfortable working chairs.

Try taking short stretching breaks to give your leg muscles the required amount of relief they need to get you through the whole day.

Concluding Remarks

By now you must get the idea of what is it like to stand while working and sit while working in an office space. However, the debate of which is better remains a bit confusing but generally, people have now come to a conses that standing is by far more beneficial and healthy than sitting and sitting is qual to smoking and polluting the air causing risks for yourself.

You can always choose the best one for yourself, suppose you are a patient and are suffering from a major accident that has hurt your feet you would prefer to sit rather than stand for the ease of your being. This is the same case for many and it is prescribed that in such circumstances one needs to choose something that promotes healthy and comfortable options.


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