Why are Ergonomic Chairs Expensive?

Ergonomic Chair

Why are Ergonomic Chairs Expensive?

By Eric Wilsion
March 11, 2022

According to the National Post, an office worker does his tasks by sitting for more than 10 hours daily. It’s easy to put such a lengthy period in words, but if you are an office worker or someone who has long sitting hours, you must know how difficult it is. For preventing one’s self from the harms of immobility in the body for long hours, one chooses an ergonomic chair that is completely customized for providing complete comfort and support for bringing forth maximum productivity.


But when you search the average price of an ergonomic chair, Google will show you a price range somewhere between $800 to $1500, which can raise to $2000 easily. You must be wondering “Dude what’s causing you to be that expensive?” Well before panicking and leaving out such a wonderful chair, consider the reasons that have added to its price. It would be no wonder if you have been convinced about buying this expensive chair by the end of this article.

You Pay for the Research and Development

Such a customized chair must have taken quite precious time of the engineers. They must have put their maximum efforts into introducing such a great product in ergonomics. All the research and then the struggles to put their blueprints into reality aren’t for free. How can one think of not paying for someone’s labor? Of course, that’s not going to happen and is exactly why it’s the main reason that these chairs come with a price that is above the prices of normal chairs.

You Pay for the Durability

Ergonomics chairs come with a 10 to 12 years warranty. Without any doubt, no one wants to replace their chair at the workstation after several months or a year. Moreover, when one is provided with the greatest comfort how can one think of replacing it just because it’s broken? So ergonomic chairs come with a promise of durability. Promises come with a price, right? In this case, the price is money though. Manufacturers have used high-quality materials in the finishing of these products to give them the utmost longevity, of course, they have a price too.

You Pay for the Additional Features

With an ergonomic chair, you can adjust the seat height to balance your body size with the working bench. You can either shorten or lengthen it. You can adjust the seat pan by moving it forward and backward to balance the body weight. You can change the position of the lumbar support right at your back against the backrest to fit it in accordance with your spine curve. You can bring it up and down with a moveable backrest in some chairs and separately in others. You can change the width of the armrest depending on the movements of your arm. You can also change the height of the armrest so that you don’t have to hunch up or descend down your shoulders and sit awkwardly. Your seat-to-backrest angle can also be adjusted to make sure you sit in the most comfortable and appropriate way. All these adjustments which make your ergonomic chair a posture-perfect chair for you need high-end engineering design and additional hardware as well. All the screws and buttons which are inserted in the design at different places to adjust the chair according to your distinct body styles need a large investment of course. The overall design to make all the features coordinated and functioning needs more brains. All of these additional features as compared to those of non-ergonomic chairs won’t come for free for sure.

You are Paying for the Suggestion Healthcare Professionals Provide

Do you think manufacturers know which diseases occur when one has long sitting hours? They probably had an idea that one is prone to ailments after such activity but what the diseases actually are and how to prevent them, to comprehend all these, the manufacturers must have hired some health care professionals. These health care professionals who are hired by the particular manufacturing company will analyze all the designs and will estimate the possible health risks which are likely to occur due to a faulty design. The manufacturers will pay a hefty price not only for hiring a health care professional but also for making adjustments to their existing design. They will have to invest more money and man labor to make their ergonomic chairs perfectly health-safe for you. They will charge this additional price from you and you have to pay the extra money to bring more comfort into your work routine. They say " money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you comfort".

Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth the Price?

Yes, ergonomic chairs are definitely worth the price. You have to pay for these chairs once and they can save you from more expenses in the future. Firstly, they are highly durable and have a pretty long life span. You don’t have to replace the chairs after a few months. These chairs can be your companion for a long time. Secondly, they can save you from medical bills as well. They can save you from diseases such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in which a blood clot forms in legs due to less motility and cervical spondylosis in which the spine of the neck region becomes injured when one work for long hours with the neck and face focused on a particular thing without a headrest. Elders have always advised us that prevention is better than cure and that’s billion-dollar advice. You can prevent such diseases which bring a lot of other complications with them by using ergonomic chairs.


When you are not exposed to any danger of these diseases, when you will not be tired easily because you have comfortable support, you will be able to accomplish more of your tasks. You will be more productive and do more work than your co-workers within the same time limit. Not a joke, these chairs can actually earn you respect among your colleagues. Consider buying such a wonderful product of ergonomics, you won’t regret it.

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