OdinLake Strengthens Environmental Commitment by Joining Stripe Climate


OdinLake Strengthens Environmental Commitment by Joining Stripe Climate

By Odinlake Official
August 28, 2023

Los Angeles, August 28, 2023OdinLake, a front-runner in ergonomic chair solutions, proudly announces its pivotal partnership as a member of Stripe Climate, an esteemed global initiative aimed at carbon reduction. This venture further demonstrates OdinLake's commitment to a sustainable future. With a notable footprint of selling 50K engineering chairs across the United States and Canada, OdinLake has enhanced the sitting health of over 40K customers.

About Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate is an initiative launched by Stripe, the online payment processing platform. The primary goal of Stripe Climate is to combat climate change by supporting technological advancements and methods that aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, otherwise known as carbon removal technologies.

  1. Carbon Removal Technologies: Stripe Climate is committed to advancing new and emerging carbon removal methods. This includes not just traditional methods like tree planting, but also more advanced techniques, like enhanced weathering and carbon capture and storage.

  2. Transparency: Stripe Climate aims to be transparent about how funds are used. They publish details about the projects they fund, ensuring that contributors know where their money goes.

  3. Growth of Carbon Removal Market: By funding early-stage carbon removal projects, Stripe Climate hopes to reduce the cost of these technologies and make them more mainstream.

  4. Direct Action: Instead of just offsetting their own emissions, Stripe made an extra step to allocate funds to directly support the development and deployment of carbon removal technology, thereby having a more scalable impact.

Stripe's commitment to this cause signifies a growing trend of tech companies taking concrete steps to address climate change and promote sustainable practices.


About OdinLake

OdinLake's Pioneering Approach: OdinLake remains steadfast in delivering high-end ergonomic office furniture by seamlessly integrating design, R&D, production, and sales. Their mission: to elevate the nuances of everyday ergonomics, converging phenomenal design with practicality, and disrupting traditional workspace norms.

OdinLake's Selective Excellence: The brand's intentional limited offerings ensure a perfect blend of exceptional design and functionality, living up to the company's rigorous standards of quality and practicality.

OdinLake's Vision Forward: Embracing "Adjustable" as a cornerstone—synonymous with ergonomics—OdinLake's inspirations stem from nature, modern tech, and architectural wonders, unveiling groundbreaking ergonomic office furniture designs.

OdinLake's Promises Stand Firm:

  • Quality: Their adherence to the stringent Global ISO9000 quality manufacturing standards ensures apex office chair production.

  • Service: Open arms to feedback on all fronts, be it product, service, or innovation. Share thoughts at customers@odinlake.com.

  • Design: An unmatched guarantee of comfort and ergonomics, celebrating the visions of designers, turning dreams to reality.

In a significant stride towards ecological responsibility, OdinLake commits to contributing 0.25% of its revenue to carbon removal initiatives, championing its partnership with Stripe Climate.

For media inquiries and further information, contact:

OdinLake Communications
Email: business@odinlake.com
Website: www.odinlake.com

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