How to Have A Healthy Sitting Position At Computer Desk

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How to Have A Healthy Sitting Position At Computer Desk

By Odinlake Official
September 12, 2022

In the world of booming development and advancement, almost 50% of the employee remain in their seats throughout the day. This research was conducted globally to figure out the estimated time of employees sitting at their workstations.

The human body is meant to have activity, it is made to have regular movements throughout the day to encourage blood flow. However, the increased cooperative culture is eliminating this and causing serious medical conditions to people worldwide.

Sitting regularly at your work desk can get tiring and can contribute to bad posture and back pain. In this article, we will share some of the correct and healthy ways in which you can sit at your computer desk without compromising your posture and health.

Ways to have a Healthy Sitting Position

  1. Keep Your Feet Flat on the Ground

This might sound easy to do but many employees find it difficult to do daily. All you have to do in this type of sitting is to place your feet on the ground flat and not twisted. In this way you will not interfere and put a lot of stress on your large supportive muscles at the back such as your pelvis or hip and your blood flow will not be disturbed by crossing your legs.

This way is suitable for people who often cross their legs while they are sitting on the chair and it might go unnoticed for a while however, it will eventually cause many issues such as tired muscles, disturbed blood flow, and laziness. By keeping your feet flat on the ground without having crossed you will prevent your body from developing an imbalanced pelvis.

  1. Placing Computer Monitor at a Distanced Level

Setting up your desktop or computer from 18 to 24 inches away from your face can give you a comfortable view of your computer screen. Most people don’t know that keeping your computer screen too close can give you neck pain and can even result in tired shoulders, however, if you place the monitor 18 to 24 inches away you will have a better sitting posture than others and you will be able to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

In most cases, when the monitor is not placed at a comfortable level, it exerts a lot of strain on the upper portion of the body which directly or indirectly results in cervical disc herniation and headaches. Try to avoid looking at your computer screen at an uncomfortable level which can cause strain and injuries to your internal body parts.

  1. Take Exercising Breaks

During these types of breaks, you tend to leave your desk and stretch for some time to get your muscles relaxed. This type of exercise break will help you focus more and will improve your sitting posture without you feeling tired.

Set short 1 hour timers to remind yourself to take a break after every minor task. This will help you relax your muscle get fresh air and will relieve the strain that can affect your performance. These breaks are effective in improving blood flow and flexibility of your body.

  1. Distribute Your Weight Evenly

This is a method that focuses on distributing your weight on both of your hips rather than leaning it on one side. Most people have a habit of sitting with crossed legs while they are on their computer desk, this practice can cause serious bone defects and medical conditions.

People find it tempting to lean their weight on one side while they are sitting at their desk, but little do they know that this can cause their spine to curve and give them sprains and strains, scoliosis, and even disc herniation. It is best to distribute the weight on both sides in a seated position to avoid long-term damage.

  1. Use a Back Support While Sitting on the Computer

Sitting for long periods can cause our back to stain and to form bad posture which can have long term damages for both our personality and for our physic. It is prescribed to have a short or small curve for the lower back so that your back doesn’t get curved in the wrong direction.

People who do not care for such things often tend to develop kyphosis commonly known as hunchback disorder. This disorder can cause your lower back sensitive to injuries and disc herniation. You can use any tool or a specifically designed chair for this purpose to avoid such issues.

Benefits of Healthy Sitting Positions

There are many benefits when you treat your body the right way, however, when people tend to follow the correct and healthy way of sitting on their computers they are more secure from bone disorders or any other disc-related issues in the body.

Here are some of the benefits of Healthy Sitting Positions,

  1. No Muscle Fatigue

People who take care of their sitting and standing posture specifically at workplaces are tend to have less or no muscle fatigue than people who ignore the healthy way of sitting on their computers. This might seem a tiny or almost ignorable issue but in the longer run, it plays a vital role in your productivity and focus.

  1. Good Physical Appearance

We all desire to look good both at the office and in our personal life but only a few people pay attention to their daily actions and routines to make their physical appearance better. One of the ways people enhance their physical appearance is by fixing their postures in their daily routine.

  1. Boost Self-Esteem

If you will feel good you will look good and when you will look good you will be able to have confidence and increased self-esteem which will directly play a huge part in your overall performance in both your professional and personal life. A good sitting posture will always make you feel confident and productive and will eventually motivate you to do your best without feeling low or tired.

  1. Keep Bones and Joints Healthy

Healthy joints and bones are necessary for everyone, especially for people who have 9 to 5 jobs and if they lack such a necessity it might turn hard for them to complete their routine tasks. A good and healthy sitting position will always prevent your bones and joints from unwanted pains and disorders that can develop with age.

You might find it surprising but you can also slow down your aging process by adopting better sitting and standing postures. You might not notice huge changes at first but gradually you will be able to find improvements in your overall appearance.

Concluding Remarks

For a better work-life and career, it is highly important to prioritize your health and physical and mental well-being. Most people avoid spending money on their comfort and tend to fall for more mainstream commercial traps however, it is important to value comfort and health daily to avoid issues in the later stages of life.

Adopt a lifestyle where you do regular physical exercises and choose healthier eating options to avoid muscle and mental fatigue. These steps will not only improve your health but they will also save you money from unwanted pills and treatments.

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