Set Your Back Free Like A Butterfly

OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

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What People Are Saying

Great Product for a Decent Price

This chair is hands down the most comfortable chair I've owned and I've had a bunch I love the mesh chair and the adjustable lumbar support plus the head rest adjusts if I had to chose the most comfortable affordable chair this is the one I would pick.

David B.

 The best chair ever!!!

I like the chair as it is perfect for me to work from home. The mesh chair quality is good and the design of the chair provides relax feeling even after i spent long hours sitting on my chair for my work. The chair design helping my back with a support so that I am not feeling tension in my back anymore .

Eric C.

The perfect ergonomic chair for the home office!

I was worried about durability of a breathable mesh chair when buying but it's deceivingly strong supporting my 170lb without any worries. Assembly was no issue with all the parts clearly included, tools needed and present and good, easy instructions to assemble.

Anthony K.

Supports all the right places

I purchased this chair for my son si ce he has back issues. It took him less than 30 minutes to assemble and afterwards I had a chance to sit in it and I will say it was very comfortable upon the fact it has ma t different options for lumbar and directional arm rests. I recommend it for those who look for a office chair that can provide comfort.

Kelsey K.

I really like it!

As a student and a gamer I really appreciate what this chair has to offer. I sit for long periods and so far this chair has exceeded my expectations. Before buying this chair, I had a gaming chair that was absolutely terrible for posture and comfort. As someone who has back problems, this chair was exactly what I needed.

Megan L.

Great support

I have never tried a mesh office chair and I was surpised at how sturdy the mesh is. It is definitely cooler than upholstered chairs and the ergonomics are excelllent. I find the chair very comfortable and I am a very large person. I have had no problems with the seat.

Nathan F.

Great quality

I needed to upgrade my office chair after suffering from a back injury last year and this chair has really help in my recovery because of the support it offers me throughout the work day. I can lean back when I need a little stretch and relaxing my head on the headrest has been really nice.

Terry t.

Wonderful office chair

This is a nice-looking chair and very comfortable. I am 5'9" tall. It was easy to assemble, about 35 minutes. It's easy to adjust. I like the three recline positions. The fabric is very breathable. The roller blade wheels glide easily over the carpet. Overall a nice product.

Michael H.

WireControl™ Mechanism

Our chair revolutionizes adjustability with a unique control method inspired by bicycle brake cables. This innovative design eliminates the hassle of searching for adjustment levers. Now, you can easily make adjustments without bending over, offering a seamless, labor-saving experience. It's all about convenience and efficiency, tailored for the modern user.

Seat Height

18.5-22.5 inches

Backrest Tilt


Seat Depth

2 inches

Butterfly Split Backrest

Our 753 chair features a versatile butterfly split backrest, engineered for unmatched support. With five adjustable height settings, it offers personalized comfort to perfectly align with your back. The lumbar support it will always follow your spine, specifically designed to alleviate back pain from prolonged sitting. Experience unparalleled back support tailored to your comfort needs.

Backrest height

5 Levels

Lumbar support


Sturdy Metal Chassis

Every chair in the OdinLake 7 series boasts a robust metal chassis, ensuring both stability and durability. This solid foundation not only enhances the chair's longevity but also provides a reliable, sturdy base for everyday use. Experience the perfect blend of strength and lasting quality with our 7 series chairs, designed to deliver consistent performance year after year.

Long Life

Up to 15 years

All Metal

Aluminum alloy

Lock Backrest at Any Angle

Our ergonomic chair features a cutting-edge tilt mechanism, enabling you to lock the backrest at virtually any angle between 90 and 135 degrees. This flexibility, combined with the integrated leg rests, ensures an exceptionally comfortable experience, whether you're working or taking a moment to relax. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, tailored to your needs.

Any angle



Wide Range



FlexBreath™ Mesh

Experience the ultimate in comfort and durability with our Korean mesh material. Designed for breathability, it ensures you stay comfortable even during long hours of use. Remarkably long-lasting, this premium mesh maintains its form and function for up to 15 years, offering you consistent comfort and support year after year. It's the perfect blend of style, comfort, and longevity for your seating needs.

Control Integrated 3D Armrest

3D adjustable armrest give you the flexibility to adjust based on your movements and keep your arms fully supported at all times with the premium PU soft padding.

2D Headrest

Large surface headrest can fully support your head. The angle of the headrest can be adjusted to fit your neck and relieve neck stress. The height of the headrest is also adjustable.

Dynamic Lumbar Support

C-shape lumbar support that fits the natural curve of your spine. It's quite smart that it will always follow your movement to adjust the lumbar position, reducing any extra stress on your spine.

Silent Caster

Experience the pinnacle of smooth, silent movement with our revolutionary casters, expertly designed for the OdInLake ergonomic chair. Embrace the freedom to glide across any surface without a whisper.

Class 4 Gas Lift

Designed to support and endure, our Class 4 Gas Lift is engineered for exceptional strength. It accommodates a wide range of weights, ensuring stability and longevity, even under extensive use.

OdinLake Ergo BUTTERFLY 753

Set Your Back Free Like A Butterfly