Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth it?


Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth it?

By Eric Wilsion
March 17, 2022

Wondering, are ergonomic chairs worth it? Well, we will find it all here. Ergonomic chairs seem to stand out among other elements of office furniture. They just look so cool and give a modern touch. Ergonomic chairs come in various styles and structures. 


However, these ergonomic chairs are so much more than just cool office furniture. They serve a greater purpose, unlike other chairs. Ergonomic chairs are supposed to support your back and are designed to provide the utmost comfort at work. They facilitate your work and sitting style. 


According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), 1 in 4 Americans spends over 8 hours sitting. Understandably, it is because of work. That is why; it becomes necessary for humans to at least sit in a comfortable position. This is where ergonomic chairs come into play. The best thing about ergonomic chairs is that they align perfectly with the human spine. This perfect alignment keeps the human back in optimum condition. In this way, ergonomic chairs stand apart from other kinds of office chairs. 


However, as it is famously said that sitting is the new smoking, it makes sense because sitting most of the day can take a toll on your health. Moreover, a study showed that people who sit over 6 hours daily have a higher mortality risk of 71%. That is why; many informed companies have introduced standing and high leveled desks. The motive is to reduce the sitting time of employees to benefit their health and increase productivity.

All these findings have a direct impact on the demand for ergonomic chairs. Moreover, these aspects have led to people wondering that are ergonomic chairs are worth it. In addition, ergonomic chairs are comparatively expensive and require high maintenance. The added comfort of ergonomic chairs also leads to more sitting time. All these points are rational. 

Despite this, ergonomic chairs also boost your health and spine's natural power. Plus, they help you attain the correct posture while you are sitting for long hours. Whatever the case be, we will discuss it more. 

How do Ergonomic Chairs function?

We all know that one cannot sit on regular chairs straight back for long working hours. It will cause various back problems that comprise muscular pain, backache, spine and neck strain. To solve these issues, we cannot bring recliners in offices, again for apparent reasons. In these scenarios, ergonomic chairs are the perfect go-to solution. They are super comfy, convenient and keep the sitting person in a prime position. In short, ergonomic chairs solve the sitting dilemma. 

Moreover, they are strategically designed in a way to encourage healthy sitting posture for us. Many experts think that a good posture contributes a lot to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the back support of an ergonomic chair also boosts the excellent circulation of blood. It may also enhance breathing that in turn enhances lungs health. 

If we consider all these benefits, ergonomic chairs are definitely worth an investment. Furthermore, if a company invests in the well-being of its employees, it is investing in its future.

Now, let us learn about the key features of an ergonomic chair to know more about the functioning of ergonomic chairs. 

Vital Features of an Ergonomic Chair

First, let us talk about the size of an ergonomic chair. These chairs are the most mindfully designed piece of office furniture. It is designed in a way that decreases the pressure on the legs. In this way, your legs are relaxed, yet your back is ideally straight up. This keeps you in a comfortable position while keeping you active for work. After all, you cannot sit on a bean bag in your office. This will also reduce the pressure on your hips. 

Next, you get comfortable support for your arms with cushioned armrests on ergonomic chairs. These armrests are positioned in a way that facilitates your typing, desk level, and desk reach. The strain is reduced on your arms by these armrests, and a good blood flow is maintained. 

Third comes the cozy and comfortable backrest of the ergonomic chair. It is an integral part of an ergonomic chair. It is cushioned at the right angle and with moderate stuffing. This keeps your back at ease. Moreover, it is not overstuffed, which can cause discomfort while working. 

The best feature of an ergonomic chair is the S-shaped backrest. It is stuffed and stitched to form an S. The rationale behind this is very smart. It is designed to align with your spine. As your spine stays in a natural position, it will not cause any backache and health problems. That, in turn, will ultimately vitally keep your posture. This also mitigates the chances of muscle strain and pain in the neck. 

Up next is the height of an ergonomic chair. Being at the right desk level with an ideal vision level will aid your work and typing. This will also help you concentrate more. Moreover, it will not take a toll on your vision and not cause any eye strain. In addition, your arms will stay paralleled with your keyboard. Now, if you feel like the height is not suitable for you, do not worry. With the lever under the chair, you can quickly elevate or demote your ergonomic chair in seconds. How amazing is that? This feature of adjustability makes a difference. 

The Verdict

We cannot deny that the features and benefits of an ergonomic chair are worth the cost. However, you must know that this investment will show significant results in the long run. You will not see the health benefits in a week. However, you will gradually see improved health, productivity, thinking, breathing, and no strain or pain. You will see that your back problems will slowly vanish, and you will be able to work without distraction. That is why; investing in an ergonomic chair is worth it. 

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