6 Genius Life Hacks For Your Office Chair

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6 Genius Life Hacks For Your Office Chair

By Odinlake Official
November 24, 2022


You've probably been sitting in your office chair for hours on end, day after day. It's time to give it some love! Here are some life hacks you can use to make your chair more comfortable and personal:

Chair cushion

Next, you're going to want to find a comfortable cushion that can match your office chair. If you have one of those big fancy leather chairs, then it might be tough to find something that has the same kind of style. But if you have one of those more basic, run-of-the-mill chairs like I do, then this is actually quite easy.

There are many different materials and colors available for cushions; My favorites are pillows made from sheep's wool because they're soft but sturdy enough not to fall apart after a few months. You can also get them in lots of different colors and styles!

If you've got an office chair that's a bit more high-end, then you might want to consider getting a cushion made from leather. The great thing about leather is that it doesn't need any extra padding because of how thick and durable it is - this means that your back won't get sore after sitting in your chair for long periods of time!

DIY back support

  • If you’ve got a soft pillow, or even a towel, place that behind your lower back. This will give your spine a little bit of support so that you can sit up straight without slouching for longer periods of time.

  • If you like the idea of using a pillow but don’t have one on hand, try rolling up a light blanket and using it instead! It gives the same effect as an actual cushion would and is still much more portable than lugging around an actual seat cushion all day long.

  • Rely on those old-school packing materials: If all else fails in terms of aches and pains after sitting at work for too long, try placing some heavy books or supplies in your backpack (or any bag) with straps that wrap around the bottom half of your office chair—it’s like wearing an invisible brace!

This will give you a good idea of how high to place your monitor. If you use your keyboard as a mouse pad, however, be sure to measure from the top of the keyboard (not including its wrist rest) to eye level and then subtract about two inches for good measureThis will keep your spine straight and prevent any slouching or leaning on the back of your chair. You can also try using a rolled-up towel or blanket as an extra cushion for your lower back, which will help support you when you’re sitting in one place for long periods of time!.

DIY armrests

  • First, you'll need to get two wooden dowels and attach them to the armrests of your chair. The best way to do this is by using some screws and wood glue.

  • Then, you can stain or paint the dowels any color that matches your office chair's design. If it's an upholstered chair, we recommend using something with a matte finish so as not to draw attention away from the beautiful material itself!

Another way to determine your monitor height is by using a ruler or measuring tape. Measure from the top of your keyboard to eye level (at its lowest point) and then subtract about one inch for good measure.

If you're using a laptop and can't adjust the screen height, we recommend getting an ergonomic keyboard that has a built-in wrist rest. This will help keep your hands at a neutral position while typing and prevent any strain on your wrists.

Make it slide around easier

If you have a chair that slides around on the floor, there are a few ways to make it slide better:

  • Use a towel. This can help get rid of some of the friction between your chair and the floor, making it easier for you to push yourself forward or backward.

  • Use a rubber mat. If your office has mats on their floors, try placing one under your desk chair so that it slides more easily across the surface of the mat itself (and not just over hard concrete).

  • Use a tennis ball. Tennis balls are great at improving traction when used under furniture like this because they provide enough give in them to allow for easy movement without having to worry about getting caught up with something else like carpeting or laminate wood floors!

If none of those options work, try putting the chair on a rug or carpet. This will make it much easier for you to push your desk chair around without worrying about getting caught up in the floor itself.

Raise your monitor

The most important piece of furniture in an office is your monitor. It is what you spend the majority of your time looking at, so it should be as large and clear as possible. If you have an undersized monitor or one that's too high, then you'll never be able to see it properly. This will lead to back problems and eye strain, which is why it's good to raise your monitor up to a good height.

How do I know the right height? You can measure it easily by placing a book on top of your desk (or something else if you don't have any books handy) and checking how far down from the top of that object sits below where eyes would naturally line up with when looking straight ahead (this isn't exactly scientific). The measurement will vary depending on what type of chair/desk setup you have but keep in mind this should always fall within healthy range recommendations: 18"-21" above seat level for seated posture; 24"-30" above seat level for standing postures."

Reduce eyestrain

Monitor Stand

If you've ever found yourself squinting at a computer screen while trying to read something on it, chances are good that you have some kind of eye strain going on. If this is the case, why not use a monitor stand? This will help reduce glare and improve contrast between the screen and its surroundings. Since there are so many types of stands out there (from simple ones that just raise your monitor up off your desk to more sophisticated options with built-in USB ports), it doesn't hurt to try them all until one works best for your needs! Glare Guard

A glare guard is another great way to fight eyestrain from looking at digital screens all day long. These guards work by blocking light from getting into your eyes from above or below the screen – whichever direction causes problems for you personally. They come in many different sizes, shapes and materials – including plexiglass (clear plastic), acrylic (transparent plastic), wood veneer or even fabric! Anti-Glare Screen Protector

There's no doubt about it: those anti-glare screen protectors really do work wonders when it comes down to reducing eyestrain caused by staring at computer monitors all day long without any breaks due to having constant direct sunlight hitting

Try out these life hacks to make an old and boring office chair, into something more comfortable and personal.

You might be thinking, “That sounds like a lot of work!” or “I don't have time for this.” But with these hacks you can easily add some interesting features to your office chair that will make it more comfortable, fun and personal.

These hacks don't require any tools or major skills to do either; they're simple and fun to do!

1. Put a cushion over the seat of your chair. This can make it more comfortable, help to keep you cooler in warm weather and also add some color or pattern to your office!


With these hacks, your office chair will be the best chair in the office. It will be more comfortable, more affordable and much more colorful!

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