Introducing Ergo Core 625 by Odinlake, a Revolutionary Ergonomic Chair Designed to Enhance Comfort and Productivity


Introducing Ergo Core 625 by Odinlake, a Revolutionary Ergonomic Chair Designed to Enhance Comfort and Productivity

By Eric Wilsion
March 06, 2022

POMONA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2022  Chairs are a handy piece of equipment that helps people carry out a wide array of activities and functions. Most people sit on chairs for long hours every day, which can pose serious health implications when the chairs are not designed to be comfortable and relaxing. Prolonged use of traditional, conventional chairs is one of the reasons why many persons complain of neck aches, shoulder pains, upper and lower back pains. It is has become imperative for people to switch to the use of ergonomic chairs to improve their quality of life.

Odinlake is an American company committed to improving the quality of life in the United States by providing affordable, high-quality ergonomic chairs. The company intends to offer the best ergonomic chair options to persons who spend too much time sitting and need a comfortable chair at their homes and workplaces. Recently, Odinlake has introduced its Ergo Core 625 to its list of ergonomic chairs, which is a thorough improvement from previous models.

The new Ergo Core 625 chair is designed especially for women and based on studies about the general body posture in the United States. It features a modern grey color, is lightweight, swings back, rolls easily, and offers a flexible and comfortable backrest. Additionally, the chair offers a breathable mesh back and high-density foam cushion with a Lumbar support pad. It supports up to 250 lbs. and has a 130° recline at max.

Founded by King, Odinlake is a worldwide B2C cross-border eCommerce business that focuses on developing and manufacturing office chair products for Americans. Designed for the American people, Odinlake's ergonomic chairs are products of months of research and development by King and German designer Justus Kolberg.

Today, Odinlake is a leading provider of ergonomic office chairs with products including the Ergo PRO Odinlake 633, which comes with a reclining footrest, Ergo ART Odinlake 643 with its high backrest design, and its newest addition, Ergo Core Odinlake 625. All chairs by Odinlake are produced with quality, durability, and comfortability in view.

Odinlake chairs are only available in the United States market at the moment, and the company offers free shipping on all its chairs to anywhere in the United States. Its warehouse is located in Pomona, California, and shipping deliveries are carried out within 2-3 days after orders are completed. On top of that, Odinlake offers 24 hours a day, seven-day-a-week customer service and attaches a 2-year warranty on chairs sold.

The company’s website features a blog section where visitors can learn about ergonomic chairs and some of the best ergonomic chair designs for home, office, and gaming uses. Visitors will also find buying guides for ergonomic chairs on the blog to understand better what is obtainable when buying one.
Odinlake is currently offering a 10 percent discount on all its products when buyers use the ‘ODL10’ promo code. For more information, please visit

About Odinlake
Odinlake is a US-Based ergonomic chairs manufacturing company founded by King, who had to work from home since 2020 after COVID-19. Because of his busy work schedule, King began to experience physical pain, and he contacted his friend Jim relating his plan to design a comfortable chair for his long hours of work. After comparing several chairs, King found that they were not very effective, and he called his uncle for help. His uncle was excited about his concept and invited German designer Justus Kolberg to collaborate on the chair's design and development.

Today, King’s collaboration with Justus Kolberg has led to the development and manufacturing of the 643, 625, and 633 ergonomic chair designs appropriate for home and office commercial needs. For inquiries, please visit

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