Are Standing Desks' Benefits Worth the Money?

Standing Desk

Are Standing Desks' Benefits Worth the Money?

By Odinlake Official
September 28, 2022

Back in 2017, a research report by The Society for Human Resource Management clearly showed that standing desks are among the fastest-growing benefits in different workspaces. Now according to GlobalNewswire, the standing desk market is growing enormously. In 2022, the standing desk market is expected to be worth over US$ 6654.6 million, and in 2028, the market size is expected to be over US$ 10330 million.


There must be a reason why the standing desk market size is increasing day by day. Of course, there should be a lot of benefits that’s why people are investing in them. Let’s have a look at whether these standing desks are worth the money or not.

What are Standing Desks?

Standing desks are the desks made especially to work while standing. They can be used for a  variety of purposes including writing, reading, and even drawing. Some might think they are only good for people working from home so that they can quickly read their Emails and respond to them and manage their home chores along with the work. But now these standing desks are also widely used in offices and other workspaces.


They are available in a variety of designs. Some are built for the users to stand permanently while some of them allow transitions between the sitting and standing modes. One can choose according to his budget and need. If you cannot accommodate a standing desk in your home, you can consider buying standing desk converters to convert a sitting desk into a standing one.


Fun fact: The inventor of the standing desk is unknown, but history has shown us many great people using them. The famous painting Mona Lisa by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci was painted on a standing desk. Charles Dickens' workspace had a standing desk and probably the famous classics The tale of two cities and the Oliver Twist were written on that desk. Even Sir Winston Churchill was found writing his important documents while standing at his desk.

What are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

Things that are found to be common in the lifestyle of history influencers must have some benefits, and so do standing desks. These desks help you focus more on work. For instance, if you are a writer and are suffering from back pain you will probably need some rest after a few hours. You will leave the chair, stretch your body, drink some water, and will come back to the desk only to find that all the scenarios that you created in your mind to include in the writing have been blanked out. Instead, if you had a standing desk or more specifically a sit-stand desk, you can stand up, raise your desk, stretch your body and continue writing where you left. In short, it boosts your productivity.


Standing gives some other benefits including lowering the back pain, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and lowering the blood glucose level. When you are fine physically, you enjoy better mental health too. These things put you in a better mood and lower your stress. These are not just talks but have been proved experimentally. In fact, another report shows an increase in life expectancy by getting rid of sedentary habits.

What are the Possible Downsides?

Is the idea of standing all day long good? No, it's not entirely good either. A lot of disadvantages have been observed too. Standing on hard surfaces causes heel pain. All the time, your feet are bearing the entire body weight and an enormous amount of pressure. It causes the soft tissues in the heel to degenerate. It will be accompanied by fatigue and inflammation resulting in plantar fasciitis. Moreover, if you are obese, those extra pounds are definitely going to put some extra pressure on your heels complicating the condition.


Moreover, standing desks are very expensive. There are many reasons behind their skyrocketing prices among which the material of the table is on the top of the list. Of course, the table is going to support all your things so the ideal ones should be durable. In case, you are buying the one with the height adjustability feature, it's going to cost even more. Another reason is the high demand for these desks which makes them expensive.

Are Standing Desks Worth the Money?

Now considering the pros and cons of the standing desks, one must wonder if they are really worth it? The first thing that came to my mind was you are spending that much money just to trade the back pain for heel pain. But no, my perspective was wrong. Standing desks are worth the money besides their high prices. Neither sitting nor standing for long hours is good for our health so we need to do something that gives us the perks of both and saves us from the health hazards. The following tips can solve the problem for you:

Mix it up

You are going to invest your money, so invest it wisely. Instead of buying the desks that allow permanent standing, go for the sit-stand desks. They have motors that allow elevating and lowering the desks as per need. Though they are more expensive than simple standing desks, they are the best option.


When one switches his sitting habits with standing for all day long, one suffers a lot of complications in addition to the previous ones. So the best solution is to start standing for 30 minutes to a few hours overtime. It will help you develop the habit gradually and your body will be thankful to you.

Buy standing desk accessories

You can buy anti-fatigue mats to help reduce heel pain due to long hours of standing. They offer soft and cushioned surfaces that reduce the pressure stress on your feet. They help you maintain your balance by reducing the risks of slips and falls. They will also prevent lower limb disorders and discomfort making you feel less tired at the end of the day.


You can also buy standing desk stools. They are longer than the normal stools and allow your feet to rest for a bit. They are not a good choice for sitting for long hours so use them only for taking rest for a few minutes.

Stretch at the end of the day

Practicing some stretches before bed such as legs up the wall, the butterfly pose, and others can reduce the body pain. It improves blood circulation throughout the body, increases flexibility by providing more chances for mobility, and helps reduce stress by improving sleep quality. There is no need to engage yourself in strenuous exercises as they might exhaust you out.


Standing desks are made for the people that have long work hours while remaining in the same position. They give a lot of benefits including relief from back pain and stress along with a good mood and increased productivity. But there are many disadvantages too, like standing for long hours brings heel pain and other lower limb disorders. Moreover, they are expensive. But they are worth the money, especially the sit-stand desks as they allow you to both sit and stand as per need. Furthermore, you can buy some accessories that will benefit you more like anti-fatigue mats and standing desk stools.

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