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OdinLake Ergo MAX 747

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747

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OdinLake Ergo MAX 747

Expected to ship on October 15.

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7-year warranty, Ergo MAX 747 is an ergonomic chair worth investing in

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Ergo MAX 747 is better than Aeron

  • Ergonomic Design

    Specifically engineered for sedentary office lifestyle, ensuring optimal comfort during long work hours.

  • Aluminum Frame

    Superior construction for robustness and durability, supporting regular usage and enhancing lifespan.

  • Three-Section Backrest

    Innovative design offering distinct support for the waist, spine, and shoulder blades.

  • Unique Adjustment Control

    Inspired by bicycle brake line mechanics, this system replaces traditional adjustment levers, providing a convenient and labor-saving solution.

  • Independent Lumbar Support

    Designed to support the waist at any angle, it effectively relieves pressure during extended periods of sitting. It's dynamic and non-compressing for continuous comfort.

  • Comprehensive Adjustability

    Features a wide range of adjustability options, including backrest height, seat fore and aft, 4D armrest adjustment, back tilt, seat height, and 2D headrest adjustments.

  • Height Adjustable Backrest
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support
  • 4D Adjustbale Armrests
  • 135° Recline Angle
  • 2D Adjustable Headrest
  • Depth Adjustable Seat
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