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Ergonomic Chairs And Gaming: How Ergonomic Chairs Make Gaming Sessions Comfortable?

By WilsionEric
December 19, 2021

According to a study, the average time gamers spend playing games in one sitting is around 4.7 hours. Whether we deny it or not, most forms of entertainment we are used to today require that we sit for prolonged periods, and gaming is a popular example.

By nature, we humans are at our full potential when we are on the move or walking around; we are not built to sit for extended periods.

But the sedentary lifestyle we have adopted demands that we do, causing a chain of health issues linked to poor posture, weight gain, muscle atrophy, pain in the neck, back, and arms, to name a few. Some have even linked it to an increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, various types of cancers, and depression. However, using an ergonomic chair can help avoid these issues.

What Are Ergonomic Chairs?

So how can you make your gaming sessions less hazardous for your health? Consider purchasing an ergonomic gaming desk and chair setup. The moment you sit in one, you will realize what they can do for you.

  • Ergonomic chairs are built keeping “ergonomics” in mind; the science of designing and arranging things in the workplace so humans can work more efficiently, safely, and comfortably. Ergonomics involves engineering, statistics, and biotechnology to ensure that designs are made to support the human body. 


  • Ergonomic chairs are also used for gaming; the high-end gaming chairs you see are, in fact, ergonomic chairs designed specifically for gaming. These chairs are built for individuals who remain seated for extended periods. Ergonomic chairs will help give your body the support it needs so you can avoid pains and aches. As a result, you can sit for more extended periods without feeling sore or putting strain on your muscles.

Over the past few years, online gaming has become more and more popular; it’s no surprise that experts decided to study the long-term effects of sitting while gaming for too long. As a result, ergonomic gaming chairs were introduced to tackle these health issues. These chairs are also popular in offices and work from home models where they have replaced conventional desk chairs.

Ergonomic Chairs vs. Desk Chairs for Gaming

Many people may assume that the difference between office/desk chairs and gaming chairs is their flashy design; in reality, there are several benefits that an ergonomic gaming chair offers that desk chairs lack. 

  • For one, the design of both chairs is incredibly different. Ergonomic chairs come with cushioning, padding, a backrest, a headrest, armrests, adjustable height, a 5-point base with wheels, and many features. In contrast, your typical desk or office chair will include a basic cushioned seat and mid-back support; some rare few may also come with height adjustment capabilities. In short, ergonomic gaming chairs are made for all types of users with varying builds and body sizes, whereas desk chairs are not built to accommodate all types of gamers. 


  • Ergonomic gaming chair design supports sitting for long periods, whereas desk chairs do not support healthy sitting. Sitting in office chairs for long periods can lead to migraines, fatigue, depression, and poor posture. 


  • Ergonomic chairs are also a lot pricier than conventional office chairs. On average, you can find an office chair for around $40-$50, whereas ergonomic gaming chairs usually start at $100 and can go up to $1500. All that added comfort comes at a price for sure.

Some people may be discouraged from buying ergonomic gaming chairs after they look at the pricing, whereas others may dismiss them if they don't see immediate changes. In both cases, you need to understand that the benefits aren't apparent until you use them for longer periods.


 Ergonomic Chair for Gaming

Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chair for Gaming

There are several benefits ergonomic chairs have when it comes to gaming setups; these include:

 Reduce Stress

Ergonomic furniture is made to provide comfort; the same applies to ergonomic gaming chairs. These ensure that your body is in a position that puts minimum strain on your muscles and reduces stress on the spine, neck, back, and hips. In the long term, this will help reduce aches and pains in the body due to sitting for long periods. 

 Promote Healthy Posture

Ergonomic gaming chairs are generally built to support your natural healthy posture. Standard chairs have back support for the midsection but rarely support your spine's curve or necks; ergonomic chair back supports usually extend from your shoulders to your seat, so the entirety of your back is supported. There are lesser chances of your slouching or sitting awkwardly with their design.

Since you don't have the necessary back support with office chairs, your spine carries most of the posture and may be subjected to curving due to slouching; this is not the case with ergonomic gaming chairs.

 Reduce Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

With ergonomic design and adjustable chair height, headrests, armrests, and seat depth and width, you can make sure your chair is the right fit for you. As a result, you will notice a significant reduction in your back, neck, and shoulder pain as it can help alleviate wrongly positioned strain on your body.

 More Comfort

Ergonomic gaming chairs come with cushioning and padding that makes them far more comfortable to sit in for extended periods without your body feeling sore. The added adjustability and customization that ergonomic chairs provide are unmatched.


These gaming chairs are made of materials that are quite different from your conventional desk chairs. These chairs are intended to go for more extended periods and cost more; after all, it's no wonder they are far more durable. They are made to withstand heavier loads and are yet light, so you can move them around. Also, the wheelbase is made from sturdy material, so the entire weight is distributed evenly, and finally, the cushions will be made from breathable materials that won't lose their shape easily.

On average, ergonomic gaming chairs can go for as long as 3-5 years even after constant use, so they are definitely worth the investment you put in. 

When it comes to ergonomic gaming chair and gaming setup, you can get a gaming chair with speakers, floor gaming chair, reclining gaming chair, massage gaming chair and even kids gaming chair.

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