Can Office Chair Cause Back Pain

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Can Office Chair Cause Back Pain

By Odinlake Official
September 14, 2022

An average person spends about 8 to 9 hours daily sitting on their office chair sticking to their 9 to 5 cooperate job. Many businesses and companies consider their employees as precious assets that can boost sales and bring acceleration in the growth of their market value. Under such essence, many companies offer comfortable and professional furniture in the offices or working areas. However, little do we know that often such furniture can cause serious health issues if not picked wisely.

In this article, we will be highlighting and elaborating on how your office chair can cause back pain and other severe disorders. But first, let us elaborate on what back pain is and how cooperative employees are mostly the regular victim of this health issue. Furthermore, we will also share some tips and tricks that you can apply before buying an office chair to avoid long-term side effects.

What is Back Pain?

Back Pain can be described as a sensation or pain that you feel in the lower or upper back portion of your body. The sensation can sometimes be considered or felt as dull and sometimes it can feel as sharply painful.  Patients of such disorder can either feel this pain or sensation regularly or suddenly with a period of intervals.

Back pain can happen to anyone and everywhere in the world, it is counted as the most common medical problem in the United States as every 10 out 7 people regularly have back pain in their lifetime. There is no such exact condition or problem that can directly link a person to back pain however, an accident or sudden lifting of heavy stuff or fall can slowly but gradually develops symptoms of back pain for many people. Scientists and medical professionals believe that this is due to age-related degenerative changes in the human spine.

How A Bad Office Chair Can Cause Back Pain?

Employees work for extended periods seven days a week sitting on the same office chair. However, this long-term sitting comes with a great price. If you purchase the wrong office chair, you will experience uncomfortable and painful working hours. The first and foremost thing that a wrong office chair can do to you contributes to a bad sitting posture.

Bad sitting posture always results in becoming an unnoticeable habit of many and later ending up becoming a serious medical condition. Moreover, such bad office chairs can also make you feel uneasy and less creative which will demotivate you and results in delayed or no progress in the office.

Here are some of the key factors on how a bad office chair can cause back pain to many,

  • Bad Padding

The foam inside an office chair is one of the most important elements in making feel comfortable while sitting. In bad Office chairs,  no thought of adding premium or at least workable foam is ever seen and bad chairs often come with the worst paddings.

The bad padding contributes to uncomfortable ditting postures, uneasiness during office hours, lack of focus, and lack of productivity. Bad and insufficient padding is the prime factor that acts as a major catalyst in developing back pain in many people.

On the other hand, the furniture market is filled with chairs that often have a lot of padding inside them that too can act as a catalyst for multiple medical disorders. Too much padding can cause hip pain if one is seated on such a chair for too long.

  • No Ergonomic Features

The second factor on our list that contributes to developing back pain through office chairs is having zero ergonomic features in your office furniture especially when it comes to office chairs. It is important to find a chair that has a premium quality backrest, as it can be a crucial element in keeping you away from pangs of pain and severe aches.

The backrest usually defines whether a chair is good or of bad quality, and in the case of a bad office chair that can cause back pain, they have a very uncomfortable sloppy backrest design. Try to find a chair that has a comfortable backrest and it does not put unnecessary or too much pressure on your back. A comfortable backrest will always let you have an independent movement back and forth without putting a lot of pressure on your back.

 Bad office chairs let you feel confined or restricted to a certain area while you are working. A good office chair should always support the natural alignment of a human spine. In ergonomics, employees get backrest, armrest, headrest, knee rest, and whatnot to have a focused and creative environment. Lack of independent movement during office hours can contribute to back pain and other medical issues.

  • Cheap Material

The chair is made up of several things, but what if you are getting an office chair made of cheap material. That cheap material office chair will give you expensive doses of painkillers and medical appointments.

The material of an office chair plays an important role in determining the comfort and durability of the chair. Some companies lack the understanding of cheap and uncomfortable furniture and buy wooden chairs that are extremely uncomfortable for any employee. If you use wooden chairs for an extended time you might develop issues of back pain and shoulder pain.

On the other hand, if you look for a comfortable office chair you will have a wide range of premium luxurious and overall better materials than wood.  You can opt for leather, mesh, or fabric if you want something other than wood. These days carbon fiber is also in the trend of professional furniture which is comfortable and durable.

  • Excessive Cushioning

Many people start adding a layer of cushions on their chairs to support their bac while they are working. However, such practices can result in bad posture and will make you uneasy after a while. Try to avoid adding cushions to your daily sitting time and allow your back to have its natural form while you sit rather than tilting it downwards.

If you ever need some cushions try adding some stiff ones rather than some soft ones to avoid a regular need. In the market, you will find multiple chairs that are built or designed carefully to give your back the rest it craves. Mostly leather chairs have the feature of a backrest without any additional cushioning to allow you to have the support you need without contributing to a bad posture.

These are some tricks that you can find helpful in purchasing your next office chair to avoid the risk of back pain and to have a comfortable and creative working environment.

Bottom Line

Until now it might have been clear to you that yes, a bad office chair can cause a severe type of back pain.  If you get a comfortable, premium, or durable office chair it will last you for a longer period without causing you any serious medical condition.

You as an employee will be less tired, and annoyed and will be able to spend a lot of time on your chair than anywhere else. Look for chairs that have ergonomic features or are made from any comfortable material rather than being made with stiff wood.

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