Top 5 Stretches to Do at Your Office Desk

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Top 5 Stretches to Do at Your Office Desk

By Odinlake Official
August 13, 2022

Top 5 Stretches to Do at Your Office Desk

Millions of people around the world suffer from back and neck pain due to their regular 9 to 5 desk job. Every 10 out of 6 people tend to spend most of their day working at a desk, this not only results in bad posture but also causes multiple medical conditions if not diagnosed properly.  

Currently, multiple ways can be implemented to prevent such issues, such as ergonomic chairs and other furniture but for people who are looking for an effective and affordable way, stretching can be the best technique for them to solve their tensed muscle-related issues. Stretching will help you in losing the build-up tension and stress and can relax to boost productivity at work.

Stretching also comes with a few benefits that you might not know about. Read on to learn about how stretching can positively impact your work life, and which exercises you can do at your desk. Such simple antidotes such as Stretching can help anyone overcome the physical and mental pressure built up by bad sitting posture.

In this article, we will list our top 5 effective stretching exercises that you can perform while sitting at your office desk. The purpose of these activities is to help you relax within shorter breaks. We chose these activities based on their effectiveness and convenience of their mode so that they can be done while sitting on the chair.

Stretches To Do At Office Desk

Here are our top 5 picks for daily stretching exercises while sitting on the office desk,

1. Neck Stretching

As its name suggests, the neck stretching exercise includes a person sitting on their office desk or they can even stand if they prefer to, then stretching their left arm slowly down towards the ground. Try to reach as much low as you can. Use your extended fingertips to touch the ground properly, after performing this step bring your right ear closer to your right shoulder. One thing to note here is to bring the right ear without bringing the right shoulder in the upper direction.

Then put your right hand on your left ear, this is to offer support to your right hand. Now slowly place your hand on the head and push it back while going back to the upward position. Try to bring rest to your neck by tilting your head on the right side. Try to repeat this position 5 to 6 times for 30 to 60 seconds for each side.

2. Shoulder Stretching

This position includes the stretching of your shoulders, with its nature similar to the prior neck exercise. However, it is prescribed by many yoga gurus and it is known worldwide for its positive effects on the body. The purpose of this position is to ease the tension in the shoulder and the connected parts such as the upper back.

All you have to do is to keep your arms relaxed to both sides of your body, then bring your shoulders closer to your ears. Stand still or sit without moving. Wait for 2 seconds and then start to roll them at the front, back, and then upward direction. Repeat it for 30 seconds on both sides.

3. Standing X Rolling Down

This is the collaboration of two positions one is the standing and the second one is the basic rolling down position. This is said to be the most useful one for people who pass their day working on the computer. Its purpose is to lengthen the spine. Along with this, it releases tension in the neck, core, lower and upper back.

Start forming the position by standing with arms resting on both sides, now slowly bring your chin towards your chest. Now slowly roll it down the spine, in a way that you are slowly bringing your head closer to the ground. Try to keep both of your arms stretched in the direction of the floor. You have to leave your neck and shoulders freely, and your knees slightly bent.

After your potential to roll down, try to hold this exact position and count to 10 with intentional breathing through your nose and breath out from the mouth. Finally bringing everything to the upward position. You can repeat this exercise 4 times a day.

4. Chair Stretching

Yes, the name tells it all, this stretching activity consists of a person sitting on a chair perched on the edge with stretching their legs towards a straight position. One should have their heels on the ground and their toes should point in the upward direction.

Now keep the back straight and lean towards the toes. Now hold this posture for 30 seconds, now stretch the hands towards the toes.

5. Chest Stretching

You can perform this position in both sitting and standing mode, by placing both of your hands behind the back and interlocking your fingers. For interlocking fingers, use palms and face the interlocked fingers in the upward direction.

Now keep both of your arms straight and loose both of your shoulders. Bring the hands away from the back until your chest is stretched do this for 30 seconds daily for more results.

Benefits of Daily Stretching

Stretching helps in solving a lot of issues such as depression, fatigue, and whatnot, to enlighten our readers, we have highlighted the key benefits of stretching daily on your office desk. Here are our top picks for shocking benefits,

  • Stress Relief

In the busy lives of employees, most of the job holders experience continuous work-related stress that har their mental and physical health. We try to find ways that can lighten the stiffed muscles, for this stretching is a useful tool for people who have less time and want to get relaxed while they are at their workplaces.

  • Flexibility

Everyone needs flexibility in their body to function their daily chores properly and to come up with creative ways to run their businesses. Stretching helps in bringing flexibility and fun to your routine and helps you in feeling energetic.

  • Better sleep

Better sleep is the key to performing well and living to the fullest but most of the time we don’t get to have that due to our tight schedules and busy workload routine. However, with stretching you will be able to sleep well and on time without developing a habit of insomnia.

  • Mental clarity

Without mental clarity, no one can have peace and professionalism in the workplace. We will not be able to make sound decisions for ourselves and our businesses. Stretching helps us attain mental clarity due to its peaceful vibes. It helps us identify the important from the not-so-important stuff and help us in increasing performance.

Bottom Line

All of these exercises are proven to be effective and friendly for all ages and sizes to release their tensed muscles and improve their postures. These exercises will not only improve your performance but will also help you bring out most of your skills to the market.

Try adding these to your daily routine to see significant results in your posture and your mental and physical health. Try adding a healthy diet and daily yoga to improve the agility of your body.

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