Are Standing Desks Going to Replace Desk Chairs?

Standing Desk

Are Standing Desks Going to Replace Desk Chairs?

By Odinlake Official
May 30, 2022

The demand for standing desks has increased in recent years. Not only in offices but also for the sake of working from home, many people are now considering standing desks a better option than the regular sitting desks. Currently, the standing desk market is worth much more than US$ 600 million, and most probably by 2028, the market size would be over US$ 10330 million. With such an enormous rise in the market size of standing desks, the older options - sitting desks, are thought to lose their worth. People think that soon the desk chairs will be replaced by standing desks.


The question is are standing desks really going to replace all the desk chairs out there? Will an office-based 9 to 5 job be completed while standing the whole time? Will it be okay? All of these questions are answered in the article.

Why do People think Desk Chairs are Going to be Replaced?

First of all, it is important to know the people’s perspective regarding why they think that desk chairs will be replaced by standing desks in near future. Here are the two main reasons:

Standing Promises a Healthy Life

Sitting for prolonged periods of time brings a lot of health hazards. When you sit at the same place and do not give your legs the freedom to move, there is a high chance of developing deep vein thrombosis. You are more likely to get some extra pounds due to reduced physical activities. Obesity gives you diabetes and cardiovascular diseases for free. Neck, shoulders, hips, and back hurt if your posture is poor. Moreover, susceptibility to getting cancer also increases. When one gets sick physically, one cannot get mental peace. Anxiety and depression will be all that you have at the end of your job.


Changing the sedentary lifestyle and buying standing desks can help to get rid of these diseases. When you stand, there are more chances of moving here and there during a short break. It gives your legs and body motility. A life free of obesity and deep vein thrombosis is the first perk of investing in a standing desk. You will be free of diabetes and cardiovascular problems if no other factor is involved. In short, you can enjoy a healthy life by changing your habits a bit.

Standing Helps You Excel at Your Work

Not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind is the second major benefit of standing desks. As these desks allow you to work in a neutral position, you don’t have to worry much about your posture. You won’t be diseased and sick as well. So that you will be able to bring more of your focus on the things that really need to be done - your work. You can hit the done button way before the deadlines as standing keeps you more productive. This productivity and focus will bring you more respect at work. Happy colleagues and a happy boss will bring you some rewards and maybe extra cash at the end of the month. I read it somewhere that standing desks are expensive but they pay for themselves in the end. It seems to be true as these desks give you a boost of productivity for doing your work in a better way.

The Real Truth

My legs are already trembling with the mere thought of standing the entire time at work. Standing for long periods of time is not a good idea either. It is accompanied by other complications. So, quite contrary to what most the people think desks chairs are not going to be replaced even after the massive rise in the sales of standing desks.

Here’s Why

The reason that standing for a long time is not safe either is that it is associated with the following problems:

Varicose Veins

Though standing and moving legs can guard you against the formation of clots in the vein, prolonged standing can cause varicose veins. It is a medical condition in which the veins become large and twisted due to enormous pressure. The condition goes along with a change in skin color, rashes, soreness, aching, and feeling heavy. The risk of this condition is more common in people who overwork.

Leg Cramps

Standing for prolonged periods of time especially on hard floors can cause leg cramps. It often starts in the thigh muscles and expands to the calf and foot. Though the condition is harmless and cramps go away with time, they cause unbearable pain. People who suffer from leg cramps often report that they are entirely normal during their work but suffer from this condition at night right after they hit the bed. They can last for a few seconds or more than 10 minutes. Cramps can be treated by doing some leg stretches before bed or massaging the affected area. One can also use a heating pad or can take a painkiller in severe cramps.


Fatigue in the lower limbs is a common problem observed in people having 7 to 8 standing hours per day. It is because of the lack of proper blood flow due to pressure on the lower body part. Though it can be avoided by keeping your posture right, using an anti-fatigue mat to avoid hard floors, wearing the right shoes, and walking, stretching, or sitting in your free time.

A Hazard for Pregnant Ladies

Standing for long hours can put the gem of the mothers at risk. They can lose their babies while trying to take care of them and continue their job while standing for 8 or more hours. A study clearly showed that standing for 8 hours increased the risk of abortion in pregnant women, moreover, the risk was higher in the women who already had suffered an abortion. Another source clearly shows a reduced gestation age of the child born. The women who still gave birth to babies after standing for 8 hours daily experienced preterm delivery.

A Better Solution

Almost all of the above problems can be resolved by mixing up your lifestyle with both sitting and standing. To enjoy the perks of both, a sit-stand desk would be a great idea. It allows you to elevate your working station when you want to work while standing and then allows you to lower it and sit comfortably on a chair or a stool. The rule of thumb is to follow the 3:1 or 1:1 sit-stand ratio. Either practice sitting for 45 minutes followed by standing for 15 minutes or you can also go for 60 minutes sitting session followed by 60 minutes standing session.


There is an ever-increasing demand for standing desks. Some people think that these desks will soon replace the desk chairs. But they are wrong as standing for long hours is just as bad as sitting for long hours. There is an increased risk of general fatigue, leg cramps, and varicose veins. It is also a problem for pregnant ladies dedicated to working. While keeping the consequences of both the conditions in view, experts have suggested the use of sit-stand desks that allow you to alternate between sitting and standing during the work without losing your focus.

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