How to Choose a Standing Desk Before Buying?

Standing Desk

How to Choose a Standing Desk Before Buying?

By Odinlake Official
May 30, 2022

Standing desks are conducive to avoiding the diseases caused by sitting all day long. But before just checking out the price and buying the desk because it looked good to your eyes, you must know some things to help yourself buy the suitable desk.


Here is the list of the features that you must check out on the standing desk before buying:

Height Adjustable Feature

A desk with a height-adjustable feature, also called a sit-stand desk is better than a desk that is designed for permanent standing. Firstly, this feature is important as standing for long hours is not good either. According to experts keeping a balance in a 3:1 ratio can increase your productivity levels. If you stood for 1.5 hours, it would be great to sit down for the next half hour. The second advantage of this desk is observed in an office setting where there are multiple users of a single desk. Ergonomically, the top of the desk should be at the elbow level, so this feature allows both long and short people to use it efficiently.

Mechanism of Adjustment

There are 3 main ways of raising or lowering a standing desk. Normally, a crank is attached but is not efficient as it takes both physical force and the precious time of the user. So, many users prefer desks with electric lifters. They just need to press a button and can get their desirable height within seconds. Of course, these desks are expensive and use electric power. So, many users go for the third option which makes use of pneumatics to lift the desk. They can be lifted quickly and don't use electric power as well.

Speed of Adjustment

It is one of the most important features of the standing desks that directly affect the productivity of the users. Of course, standing desks are made to enhance focus, but the adjustability method like that of the crank lifter can decrease the focus as the user has to direct his attention from the work to the lifter and have to apply force to get the desired height. If you are one of those impatient users who cannot wait for the crank, go for either electric or pneumatic desks.

Noise Concerns

Suppose you are occupied with some strict deadlines but your colleague is continuously disturbing you by adjusting his sit-stand desk every 30 minutes, which produces loud sounds when it is lifted. It will frustrate you out, right? In case the colleague is considerate enough, he will not get the benefits of the desk so that you are not disturbed. What’s the purpose of buying a desk when it is just going to decrease your focus or is going to be useless? So, choosing a desk that makes minimal or no sound at all while adjusting is the best.

Height Range

Selecting the height range of a standing desk depends completely on who is going to use it. If you are going to buy a permanent standing desk then the one whose height is exactly the distance between your feet and elbow would be ideal. In case you are buying a sit-stand desk solely for yourself, you don’t need the one with a great height range. It’s not like you are going to grow overnight or something. But in case you are buying the desk for office use where it will have multiple users, then buy the one with the range of 22 and 48 inches.

Width and Depth

Consider the top of the desk is in a rectangular shape, then the shorter side is the depth (from front to back) and the longer side is the width (from left to right). A shorter depth can bring the screen closer to the eyes and a longer depth can make it difficult to see the screen easily. So, 30 inches is considered an optimal depth for a desk. The width depends on how many things you want to keep on your desk. If it's just a computer or a laptop, you don’t need a much broader desk. But if you wish to put your documents or other accessories, you would need a broader desk.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important feature of a standing desk. There is no need to go overboard while making a choice for a desk with the right capacity. A desk with an extremely less weight capacity will not let you accommodate much of your stuff on it. It will affect your productivity. Likewise, too much weight poses difficulties too. A heavy desk will be difficult to lift and will need more power and time. An average weight capacity of 150 lbs is enough for accommodating your important things on the desk without affecting the desk’s lifting ability.

Stability of the Desk

Before making a final decision after finding the above qualities in a desk make sure the desk is stable. For this purpose, ensure a strong foot design. If the base of the table is strong, it will be able to support its weight capacity. Secondly, if there is a cross-support system, it's even better. Glide systems should be of high quality and fitted properly. The frame must be strong so that it does not shake while rising the table. Furthermore, make sure the frame is joined firmly with the top of the desk. A standing desk needs to be stable for smooth lifting and bearing all the weight for prolonged periods of time.

Material of the Desk

The material of the desk directly affects its durability. You probably don’t want to change the desk after a year so buy the durable one. For the frame, it would be either solid wood or laminated wood. The latter option is more prone to physical damage. If you have to make a choice between steel and aluminum for constructing the frame, the latter option is more durable.


Though you would like to buy the most cost-effective standing desk, you will probably have to make a compromise on a lot of features. I am not suggesting buying the most expensive desk out there. Just check out all the necessary features, durability, and the material of the desk, and don’t hesitate for spending some extra cash, as it will be a great investment.


Let’s just consider an example of expensive stuff for the desk. Laminated wood is cheaper than solid wood but is torn out after some time. Similarly, silver is 3 times cheaper than aluminum but is extremely hard with no malleability offering a shorter lifespan as compared to the aluminum desks.


If you are ready to buy an expensive desk because it would provide more features and will be durable, you definitely need a warranty. It is important so that, in case all the talks of the seller were fraud and the desk breaks apart before the warranty ends, you can easily exchange it.


All standing desks are not the same. You have to check out some important features before buying one to ensure the desk is not making any compromise in its ergonomics. For this purpose, you will need to check out a lot of features including its adjustment mechanism, noise, height range, depth, width, material, and stability of the desk. You even need to consider the cost of the desk.

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