Are Standing Desks More Productive?

Standing Desk

Are Standing Desks More Productive?

By Odinlake Official
May 31, 2022

Would you like to boost your productivity by changing a single habit at work? It seems like you didn’t believe the previous statement, but you read it right. There is a way to improve focus at work and get maximum output of your energy by changing one habit only.

All you need is to get rid of the regular sitting desk and buy a height-adjustable standing desk. This investment can take you far ahead in your life. It's okay if you disagree and don’t believe it at all, but give a read to this article to know why I am claiming the fact confidently. It would be no wonder if you are convinced for replacing your older desks by the end of the article.

How do Standing Desks Boost Productivity?

Standing desks give a number of benefits, many of which lead to enhancing the brainpower and making one more focused on his work. Following are some of the ways through which a standing desk can boost your productivity:

Reduces Pain and Discomfort

Sitting for long hours has been labeled as “new smoking” lately. It causes a number of workspace injuries and some serious disorders as well. Most of the time one cannot get his posture right and end up having pain in the neck or lower back resulting in reduced focus and efficiency.


The reason is that when one stays stuck to the chair all day long and gives his body no movements at all, he is prone to getting a number of diseases that physically active people would rarely get. In fact, research also shows that 1 hour of strenuous exercise won’t be able to negate the effect of 10 hours of sitting.


Fortunately, standing desks can get rid of these pains and discomforts by giving your body more movement. Maintaining a good posture while standing is easier as compared to sitting resulting in no neck or back pain. The overall situation results in a relaxed body with no signs of pain or fatigue.

Improves Blood Circulation

Sitting hinders proper blood circulation. When we are seated, our muscles are not engaged in any hard work and have less demand for blood, so the heart activity slows down a bit. Furthermore, the pressure on the lower sides of the thighs increases with time, and blood vessels squeeze in size resulting in a hindrance to the blood from the legs flowing back to the heart. It can lead to some serious consequences. The blood can pool in the legs resulting in enlarged twisted veins. The condition is called varicose veins. In another case, the blood may clot in any deep vein due to pressure and inability to escape the vein. It can result in deep vein thrombosis. But, standing and stretching the body can ensure proper blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain. The human brain needs oxygen and proper nutrients to work at its best and these nutrients can only be provided by blood.

Enhances Energy and Focus

According to science, the human brain cannot focus more than 90 minutes on something. For starting a second focused session, it needs a break of at least 15 minutes. While sitting, it is not possible to give break to the brain resulting in poor focus. But it is possible with a sit-stand desk. You can work for an hour or 90 minutes straight and when you feel you cannot focus anymore, elevate your desk and stand up. Do some quick stretches for ensuring proper blood flow and start working again. Not just standing but moving or stretching the body is also important for increasing your focus.

Is There Any Evidence?

The effect of standing desks was observed in a call center. The total period of the trial was 6 months and 167 employees participated in the observation. Two groups were made among whom one took all the calls while being seated and the other group took calls while standing.


The group who stood was found to be 45% more productive than the other seated group. In fact, productivity was found to increase over time. In the first month of the observation, the standing group was only 23% productive while at the end of the 6th month, the group was found to be 53% more productive than the others.


In another study conducted by the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation, feedback was taken before the installation of the desk and 3, 6, and 12 months after the installation. The results were surprisingly great. 65% of the people reported that the desks increased their productivity. 65% of the people also reported better health outcomes outside the workspace. 88% of the people reported that standing desks are more convenient to use as compared to regular desks.


The effect of standing desks was also observed on the learning capacities of students. 34 students were allowed to use standing desks for 27 weeks and it was observed that their learning capacities were improved as compared to other students of the same age group using sitting desks.

Standing Desks Pay for Themselves

Standing desks turn out to be more expensive than regular desks as they have motors or cranks for elevating them and have an ergonomic design. But the desks pay for themselves by giving long-term benefits. Not only do they provide benefits to individuals but can boost the overall productivity of a company or a business. Individually, the standing desk can cut down the medical bills of the employees by improving their health. It can lead to employees working at their best with increased focus and productivity resulting in a better workspace environment and happy customers.

Many People Made History With Standing Desks

Many people think that standing desks are the invention of the modern-day after the emergence of ergonomics. But many great people in history were found using standing desks. Among them, Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian painter, is at the top of the list. He painted his famous painting Mona Lisa at a standing desk as well. In 1626, the library of the University of Cambridge was found to have standing desks for the students.


In the following years, Thomas Jefferson was found composing his documents on the Declaration of Independence at an adjustable standing desk. The use of a standing desk was very common among the novelists and the writers. Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, and Sir Winston Churchill are among the history makers who were seen using standing desks. I personally think standing desks would not be common in the life of these history-makers if they were not productive or beneficial in any way.


There is an ever-increasing demand for standing desks. It is because these desks provide numerous health benefits and also prevent risks of health hazards caused by prolonged sitting. Not only do they improve physical health but also improve mental health. A standing desk provides more movement as compared to a sitting desk and helps in regulating blood circulation.


In this way, there is a proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain which it requires for focusing at work. By giving individual and collective benefits to a company, the standing desk pays for itself. It is not just a talk but there is much evidence for proving it. Moreover, many influencers in history have been seen using standing desks.

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