What are the Benefits of the Height Adjustable Desk?

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What are the Benefits of the Height Adjustable Desk?

By Odinlake Official
May 31, 2022

Sitting all day long has badly affected both the health and the businesses of the public. Standing desks were introduced to get rid of diseases resulting from the sedentary lifestyle. It turned out that these desks are not good either. So, there should be something in between the both. Then engineers introduced us to height-adjustable desks that allow both sitting and standing as per need.


Since their use, a lot of benefits have been observed, some of which are discussed:

Improves Physical Health

Height adjustable desks, also called sit-stand desks, have improved public health and have minimized the risks of many diseases.

Reduces Back Problem

When one sits in the wrong posture one is prone to getting lower back pain. It can be substantially reduced by using sit-stand desks. According to a study, after reducing the sitting time by 1.5 hours per day for 6 months, office employees experienced a 50% decrease in lower back pain. The reason behind this is the correction of the posture. When one stands with his shoulders backward (not curved forward), head above the spine, elbow at the level of the tabletop, and one leg forward, he is less prone to back pain. The reason for choosing a height-adjustable desk is that you can sit after standing for a few hours and don’t have to change your place.

Prevents Weight Gain

In an experiment performed on 74 people, loss of calories was observed while some of them spent time sitting, some while standing, and others walking. Of course, the people in the last category got the maximum calories burnt. But the people standing were found to burn 8 more calories per hour than those sitting. It means if you have an office task for three hours, you can burn 24 calories if you complete it while standing. It's not much, but it's better than sitting. You can also associate some exercises like quick push-ups or squats to get effective results.

Lowers the Risks of Heart Diseases

Sitting too much and not moving often can form blood clots in the blood vessels located in the legs which can get large enough to cause serious complications. Sometimes, these clots travel to the heart and in other cases, the heart has to put extra effort into pumping the blood to the affected area. Both the conditions can result in various cardiovascular diseases and put lives at risk. When one gives his body some mobility, blood flows efficiently lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It is only possible by giving the legs a break during work.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Having a good lunch and sitting again to work can increase your blood glucose level. It is evidenced through research that people having a sedentary lifestyle suffer from diabetes more than those who engage themselves in more physical activities. Sit-stand desks were used in an office to demonstrate the effect of standing on sugar levels. Participants stood for 3 hours after lunch and were found to have a blood sugar level 43% lower than those who had the same meal and did the same work while sitting.

Increases Life Expectancy

Though there is no direct evidence showing an increase in life expectancy while standing, surely there is evidence that shows the association between sedentary behavior and death. We have also elaborated above with shreds of evidence that sitting is associated with not only obesity but also cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These conditions make the body susceptible to getting more diseases and hence greater chances of early death.


On the contrary, when one sits less, stands more, and allows proper blood circulation, his heart will work more efficiently. He will have lower risks of diabetes and obesity and hence lower chances of death from these diseases.

Improves Mental Health

Anything affecting your physical health has a significant impact on your psychological health too. When you sit for long periods of time, you get exhausted. Fatigue lowers the level of serotonin (a happy hormone that is essential for mood and brain function). Standing up and giving the body some rest lowers the fatigue and increases the rush of this hormone. It helps in getting rid of anxiety and depression too. All these things contribute to a better mood and a healthy brain.


Sitting also damages the temporal lobe thus contributing to dementia. It can also be avoided by shifting from a sitting desk to a height-adjustable desk.

Increases the Productivity

Standing for a few hours and even for a few minutes improves the blood circulation of the body. It results in providing the brain with an adequate amount of oxygen. It enhances your brain function and keeps you focused on your work resulting in increased productivity. Moreover, there is no stress, anxiety, or depression and you are working in a carefree environment. A focused and active mind is more likely to do a better job. Not only this, but it also makes you creative, spicing up your work.

Height Adjustable Desk Pays for Themselves

You will definitely find height-adjustable desks more expensive than ordinary sitting or standing desks. It is because there is a lifting system that adjusts the height of the desks as per need. It adds up in their costs. Not only the desk, but you also have to buy an anti-fatigue mat to prevent your heels from paining and a standing desk stool for working in a neutral position. They do seem a burden on your budget right the instant you are buying them but you can see much better results later on. You will be much healthier and hence there will be no medical bills to pay. You will be healthier mentally too and will be able to work more as these desks enhance one's productivity. In short, these desks pay for themselves over time by reducing your medical bills and helping you earn more.

Enhances Teamwork

Height adjustable desks can improve teamwork. One reason is the boost in productivity and creativity levels and the other is the better engagement and communication. The American business magazine Inc. suggests standing up for having better and more creative meetings. It can also be supported by the investigation made by a professor from the Washington University in St. Louis in which he practically demonstrated the difference between the teams who worked while sitting and standing.

Gives Perks of Both Sitting and Standing

Neither sitting nor standing for long hours is good for health. If you were used to sitting entirely then changing the lifestyle all of a sudden can cause many other complications for joints, knees, legs, and feet. To avoid such hazards, it is recommended to start standing at work for 30 minutes initially. Gradually the time can be increased to an hour and then more than a few hours. In such a case there is a risk of losing focus at work while shifting from a sitting to a standing position or vice versa. Height adjustable desks can help you maintain focus by giving you a chance to shift positions while remaining in the same place.


Height-adjustable desks can provide a lot of benefits. They can improve physical health by getting rid of the diseases one gets from sitting too long. They improve brain function and increase focus and productivity. They enhance teamwork. They pay for themselves by giving you a lot of benefits at work later.

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