Do Standing Desks Improve Focus?

Standing Desk

Do Standing Desks Improve Focus?

By Odinlake Official
May 31, 2022

Want to get more praises from your boss? Want to complete your tasks way before deadlines? Want to be prominent among your coworkers? If it sounds like you are in need of these things, then you are at the right place. I understand you were not surfing to get these benefits but were looking for ways to improve your focus at work. But these will be the ultimate results of improving your focus. While looking for ways to improve your focus at work, the first thing that one needs to take care of is the working desk. Traditionally, sitting desks have been used by every single office in the world. But they seem to have no effect on productivity. In fact, they tend you make you tired and exhausted.


Fortunately, there is a way to increase focus and concentration at work by changing your lifestyle. Instead of sitting desks, opt for standing desks and read the complete article to know how these desks improve your focus with evidence.

How Standing Desks Improve Focus?

Following are the ways through which standing desks can improve your focus:

Boosts Brainpower

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can disturb the normal blood flow. It squeezes the vessels in the body parts that are constantly in contact with the chair. It results in blocking the incoming blood, not letting the retained blood move out of that body part, and formation of clots. All these reasons result in unequal blood distribution in the body including the brain. It can lead to brain dysfunction. The standing desk can save you from this. Standing allows the blood to flow properly through your body. It allows equal distribution and equal chances for all body parts including the brain to get the required nutrition. When you are feeding your brain every single second, how is it possible for it to lose focus?

Minimizes Discomfort

Sitting is associated with numerous problems. Here we are not going to discuss the diseases like obesity, cardiovascular problems, or diabetes. We are talking about the injuries caused by prolonged sitting. When one sits for a long time in the wrong posture he is putting his neck and back at risk. Slouching is at the top of the list of wrong postures observed due to improper sitting. It involves sitting by letting your shoulders loose. It puts great tension on the shoulder muscles, stretching them and causing pain. Lowering the head as we usually do while seeing the mobile screen is the second wrong posture that we commonly observe. The more we bend the neck, the more strain it suffers. Even when the neck is straight, it bears some weight and strain, so keeping the neck a bit back is the best position.


These discomforts and pains can be reduced by using standing desks. These desks allow you to work in a standing position where you don’t need to be worried about posture much. You just need to stand straight with one leg forward. Just don’t slouch. In this way, the standing desks can get rid of the wrong posture along with aches giving you an extremely comfortable position to stand where all you do is focus your work.


Here is the evidence showing the effect of standing desks on discomfort, fatigue, and sleepiness.

Gives You a Break

Taking a quick break while sitting does not seem a good idea. Firstly, laziness comes in the way and stops you from standing. Secondly, you think that I managed my posture with difficulty, after I take a break I will have to focus on my posture again. Whereas while standing you can easily take a break. You can either walk around the desk or stretch out your body to relax. Standing can help you lose some calories and can regulate the blood flow through the body. Stretches are great at improving one's focus. When one stretches out the body, it uses different parts of the body, engaging them all in movements. But make sure you are only practicing the stretches that take less effort and energy. Stretches and walking during the break are not meant to exhaust you out. You only need to reboot the mind and body.


You can also take short breaks during work. For instance, fetching water when you are thirsty, fetching coffee when you are craving it, taking documents to the desk of a coworker, etc. The human brain cannot concentrate on a thing for more than 90 minutes if it does not take a break for 15 minutes or more. So, it would be great to do your work for 90 minutes straight and then take a break to prepare yourself for the next 90 minutes focused session.

How do Standing Desks Benefit Us?

By improving our focus, standing desks can help us individually as well as can help progress the business.

Individual Benefits

If you want to improve your focus at work, consider buying these standing desks. They will keep you active. These desks are a great option to work from home. At home, a sedentary lifestyle is most commonly observed. You can easily get lazy and might enter the procrastination phase. Standing desks can help you beat this inactivity by allowing you to work while standing.

Business Benefits

If you are someone who is running a business and want to take it to another level, the only way is to use standing desks for both you and your employees. By now you are aware of the productivity benefits these desks provide to individuals. Now imagine, if all the employees at work are focused and are working with all their efforts, the rate at which your business can progress is unimaginable. Moreover, you can motivate the employees in two ways. Firstly, teach them the harms of prolonged sitting and tell them how standing desks can boost their focus and energy. Secondly, keep a track of your competitors and tell the employees how your business can get ahead of their business by using standing desks.

Tips for Improving the Focus More at Work

Besides buying standing desks for your workspace, there are many other tips that you can follow to improve your focus. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Make a schedule and figure out which things need to be done first. Do them first by giving them a priority. Things that are less necessary can be done later.
  • Keep your workspace organized. It helps you find your things easily and quickly saving both time and energy.
  • A clean workspace help brain focuses more.
  • Make a routine and stick to it. Make sure to add breaks and healthy food to your routine.
  • Find a peaceful corner to work. At the office, it can be away from coworkers who talk a lot, and at home, it can be a room where children are not allowed.
  • Minimize social media use during work. It can distract you and consume all your time and energy.
  • Reward yourself at the end of the day.


Standing desks can help you improve focus at work to a great extent. These desks alleviate pain and discomfort and give a comfortable posture to work in. They help in regulating blood circulation and provide your brain with enough nutrients. Standing desks allow you to take short breaks and can help you improve your focus.

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