Should I Get a Sit-Stand Desk for Working From Home?

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Should I Get a Sit-Stand Desk for Working From Home?

By Odinlake Official
May 31, 2022

Are you a freelancer who needs to work for long periods of time online? Or simply, are you working from home for a remote firm? Whatever the scenario may be, you are here because you are curious about how a sit-stand desk might make your remote working experience better than ever. Just to let you know, you’ve come to the right place.


No doubt, working from home has become the new norm for certain businesses out there. Firms have realized through the recent pandemic that working from home is easier and more economical. It actually enhances the productivity of the workers while saving office resources at the same time. But, what if workers are facing certain problems of back pain and fatigue while they try to work comfortably at home? It’s their working desk that should be held responsible.


Most typical desks we often use at home do not allow you to adjust the height. Consequently, sitting or standing for long periods of time while working can cause certain health issues. You end up becoming frustrated when you were just trying to meet the deadlines of work. We, therefore, strongly suggest you spend some more money and purchase a sit-stand desk to work comfortably.

Why should you buy a sit-stand desk for remote working?

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a sit-stand desk if you are trying to make your work-from-home experience better.

More options to consider

Unlike regular desks, sit-stand desks give you a variety of options to choose from. For example; a two-in-one desk eliminates the need for separate workspaces for tasks that simply require you to sit or stand. The desk can be adjusted to your height whether you are standing or sitting and can therefore be shared with other people at home. The majority of these desks come with various attachments that make working more convenient. Some desks have built-in sit-stand reminders. These remind you to stand up when you've been absorbed in your task.

Safe for longer working hours

Working long hours can be killing. For example; long durations of sitting can cause a variety of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. On the other hand, standing for 8 hours or more is surely challenging and is not a good idea either. Although you may have options to move your legs and burn some calories while standing, you will end up with muscle cramps and aches in your limbs.


If you work from home, having a desk that allows you to release stress and tension in your body is a real blessing. After a period of sitting, you will always have the choice to move and stretch your legs. Alternating between sitting and standing positions may help you maintain better posture. It could also be the most promising advantage of a sit-stand desk in your home office.

Helps relieve pain

Back discomfort is a common complaint among young employees and freelancers. Well! Back pain is not a contagious condition that affects the majority of people who work from home. Acute back problems are actually caused by sitting for lengthy periods of time or by poor posture. The use of sit-stand desks can greatly reduce pain, particularly in the back, neck, and shoulders. It is because, when you switch between sitting and standing positions, the muscles of your back, neck, and shoulder undergo marked relaxation.


Aside from these, changing postures at work with the help of a sit-stand desk a few times during the day may also help to relieve stress on your hips. Long periods of sitting at work, as previously indicated, have been linked to cardiovascular problems. Your HDL level drops when you sit. It raises the risk of cardiac problems such as angina. Height-adjustable desks, and thus a healthy HDL level resulting from sufficient movement during the day, can benefit your health.

Increases your productivity

Changing postures while working has been shown to boost productivity in studies. As a result, we can link the use of sit-stand desks to increased productivity. Blood flow to the brain rises when you stand up from a sitting position. Your brain activity is increased by up to 20%, allowing you to focus better on your work. It improves intuition and creativity. Even after you accomplish your long, exhausting activities for the day, you might come up with new ideas.


The health benefits that sit-stand desks provide are another possible reason that is directly related to higher productivity. According to the World Health Organization, health refers to a person's mental and physical well-being. Only when you are physically and mentally fit can you be productive and healthy.


To summarise, a sit-stand desk will be quite beneficial if you want to boost your productivity in a focused manner. You'll become more fit, open-minded, and productive if you use a height-adjustable desk.

Considerations while buying a sit-stand desk to work from home

While buying a sit-stand desk for yourself to work from home, you must consider these things first:

Quality and durability

Quality is the very first thing you should consider while investing your money in the working desks. Since poorly built desks might be fragile and are unsteady while moving up and down, they may break easily or are uncomfortable to switch from one position to another.


Durability is also vital for height-adjustable desks. You'll surely want your desk to last longer. For this purpose, you must invest in high-quality materials. Always look for commercial-grade desks that are popular among users. Moreover, your desk should be durable enough to bear a weight of 80-100 kg.


Your home is your safe haven. The place where you work at home usually reflects your preferences and individuality. A home office is nothing like a company office. When you have no choice but to bring work into your house and set up a home office, you may want to set everything according to your taste.  


This can be the reason why you'll definitely want a desk that goes well with the overall aesthetic of your room. Although sit-stand desks are available in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes, you must select the one that blends with the color and finishing of your room. We will personally recommend desks with wooden tops since they create a warm and rustic atmosphere and go well with the boho-style interiors that are trendy these days.


The space of your home is something you must consider before buying a sit-stand desk to work from home. All the regular-size desks that work well in an office setting are often not suitable for a home setting. They take up too much space leaving behind no space for other things in a regular-sized room.


Sit-stand desks come in all ranges of sizes making them suitable for both large and limited working settings. If you don't have a separate workspace at home, you definitely require a small desk to fit into one of the corners of your bedroom. A height-adjustable desk can help you get the most out of a concentrated area. On the other hand, if you have a designated workspace, you can select a large sit-stand desk, such as those that come with multiple displays.


Sit-stand desks are perfect to work from home. They have multiple advantages of providing optimal health, increasing productivity, and making you more focused on your work. They are not only stylish and trendy but can also improve your work-from-home experience by eliminating common problems of prolonged sitting.

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