Why do People Use Standing Desks in Offices?

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Why do People Use Standing Desks in Offices?

By Odinlake Official
May 30, 2022

Demand for standing desks is increasing day by day. It is because people are more health-conscious now and they do know that sitting can cause numerous health problems ranging from back pain to depression, diabetes, and obesity. After analyzing the standing desks' market size, growth, and trends a further increase in the sales was forecasted. Even online,  people are searching more about it on different search engines. By 2028, the Global market size of standing desks is predicted to be over the US $10330 million. You are probably among the individuals who are wondering why people are using these desks in offices and should I get it too. If it sounds like you, you are at the right place for getting the maximum information that you will need regarding standing desks.

Why are Standing Desks Getting Popular for Office Use?

The question arises why are these desks getting more popular when the first thing that crosses the mind after hearing their name is heel pain and leg cramps. Following are some of the reasons that explain why are people opting for standing desks more than regular sitting desks these days:

Improve Health

Sitting has been called new smoking as it causes numerous health problems. It gives a poor posture and strain on the neck and back causing unbearable pain. Not only this but prolonged sitting can also make you obese as it reduces your physical activities to a great extent. You are consuming food but are not utilizing your calories, which can increase your blood sugar levels. Sitting also affects the normal blood circulation of the body. Fortunately, all of these health hazards can be prevented by using standing desks. These desks allow you to work while standing, giving you a bit more mobility than sitting does. It can improve your blood circulation keeping your heart in good health. Little movements are enough to maintain your blood sugar level, reducing the risk of diabetes. Though these desks cannot help you lose weight as they don't burn many calories, they can help you prevent gaining extra weight. These health benefits are at the top of the list of the reasons that employees prefer having standing desks in their workspace.

Boost Energy and Focus

As standing helps in proper blood circulation all parts of the body get the required nutrition and oxygen including the brain. These nutrients are very important for the brain to work properly. In other words, standing allows proper blood flow and contributes to boosting brainpower, and enhances focus at work. Moreover, these desks improve physical health which also contributes to maintaining better mental health. In fact, there is a study that practically showed the relationship between focus and standing desks. It was an observation made on students who were given standing desks for studying purposes. As a result, the students were found to have a better focus and increased learning capacities as compared to their fellows.

Allow Purposeful Discussions

Interacting with your coworkers and discussing the important things is very important for getting the best results at work. If we start using standing desks for these purposes, we can have better and more meaningful discussions. It relates to the above reason as standing desks improve your focus so you can have a better and more convincing conversation with your colleague as compared to when you are sitting. Moreover, it is observed that when one presents something while standing his voice is louder and he is explaining things way more clearly. In fact, many people suggest taking phone calls in a call center or at work while standing as you can have a better conversation with the person on the other side of the call.


Here goes a tip for you: try taking all of your calls while standing or walking rather than sitting at work. It will give you double benefits. Firstly, you can take a break from the chair and help your body to receive proper blood flow, and secondly, you can have a meaningful talk with the person on the other side of the call.

Things That Stop People From Buying a Standing Desk

Even after knowing the numerous health and productivity benefits of standing desks many people don't consider buying them. The reason is that standing desks are more expensive than regular sitting desks. They can range from $200 to over $750. In fact, many desks with great design and numerous features in them can range up to $1500 or more.

Why are Standing Desks Expensive?

Like those people, you might also be thinking about the reason behind these expensive standing desks. The height adjustability feature is at the top of the list which adds to its cost as it is either an electric motor or a hand crank that allows the desk to be elevated or lowered. The material of the frame and the tabletop also matter as the desk must have enough strength to hold your work essential. Using aluminum in the frame and hardwood in the tabletop adds to the price of these desks even more. Not only this but the manufacturers have to hire ergonomists for making the desks suitable for human use. Another main reason is the high demand for these desks with low supply in the market.

Are Standing Desks Worth the Money?

If you are confused about whether you should buy a standing desk or not for your office because they are expensive. I would recommend you to invest in them. It is because you have to pay the cost one time but you can get long-term benefits from it. It can save you from hospital bills as well as might increase your total revenue by boosting your productivity.

How to Arrange Standing Desks in an Office?

The first thing you need to take care of is the space available before buying standing desks for your office. If the space is less, you can buy the one with lesser width. You can also opt to get rid of the regular sitting desks and replace them with the standing ones. You also need to make a choice between whether you are going to offer each employee a separate desk or are going to offer one desk to multiple employees. Of course, you need to consider the number of employees as well as the workload in the latter case. Secondly, you would need to take care of the finances which will decide how many desks you will buy for your office.

Are Standing Desks a Necessity?

Though you can consider standing desks an option for your office, you will really need them after some time. Standing desks are really important if you are someone who prioritizes the health of your employees over the work. Moreover, you would really need these desks for improving your business and getting maximum results from your employees’ efforts.


Standing desks are gaining popularity for office use over some years. There are many reasons behind it. They help in improving the overall health of the workers. They give a burst of energy and improve productivity. They allow workers to have better and more meaningful conversations with each other. Many people do not buy standing desks because they are expensive. But standing desks are worth the money and you should really invest in them.

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